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Granny chic to maximalist mashup: 4 top vintage-inspired interior trends with a modern twist

Jan 19, 2024 05:28 PM IST

From the cosy nostalgia of granny chic to the bold allure of maximalist mashups, explore the top interior trends seamlessly blending the best of both eras.

Retro-inspired components are sweeping trendy living areas these days, and vintage home decor ideas are currently dominating the interior design industry. A home that is modern yet rooted in tradition by seamlessly merging vintage decor elements with modern interior style. Reminiscent of the bygone era, the vintage pieces evoke a sense of belonging and bring us back to the good old times and beautiful memories. By blending rich vintage style with modern interiors one can create a truly personal home that is a true Granny Chic style of interior. Following are a few design ideas to consider while creating a granny chic interior with a modern fusion. (Also read: Home makeover: 5 tips to achieve harmony in interior design )

Granny chic to maximalism: 4 top vintage interior trends with a modern twist(Pixabay)
Granny chic to maximalism: 4 top vintage interior trends with a modern twist(Pixabay)

Best Vintage-Inspired Modern Interior Trends

Atreyee Choudhury, Founder and Principal Interior Architect at De Panache Bangalore shared with HT Lifestyle some practical tips to incorporate a vintage vibe with a modern twist for the granny chic interiors.

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1. Blend modern movable furniture with ornate wall moulding and cornices- classic elements like ornate cornices, crown moulding, and carved wainscoting all these elements can be juxtaposed with modern minimalist movable furniture like a sofa or a modern bed in a contrasting bright colour. In Bangalore, the trend of incorporating modern furniture pieces into vintage interiors is on the rise, thus preserving the city's old-age heritage.

2. Floral wall coverings- Floral wall coverings are making a major comeback in the interiors. These are a must in granny chic style. Floral wall coverings on all four walls can instantly change the look of your old home. Not to forget a granny chic – vintage style when seamlessly blended with a modern twist isn’t complete without some element of beautiful floral or nature-themed wallpaper.

Imagine being one in the lap of nature, serene but not sombre. A peaceful retreat to enjoy and find respite inside your abode. It serves as a beautiful sanctuary which beautifully blends vintage with a modern twist. Every living space is a riot of beautiful colours of flora dancing together in perfect harmony with the other elements of the space that never go out of style.

3. Add handmade ornate decor pieces and fabrics- Thinking of Granny style, it immediately takes us on a journey of cosiness, comforting but stylish, incorporating a lot of crochet work, pillow frills and lace works. Embroidered pillow covers or even a lace border for cushion covers can add texture and depth to your home and make your home ready for granny's chic style.

4. Say no to minimalism- Granny chic interiors are anything but blank spaces and minimalism. Each heirloom piece evokes memories related to your family and lends a strong character to the space thus making it meaningful and also a cherished object of desire. This eye for the unique means the trend can embrace sustainability. Instead of mass-produced factory pieces, opt for a second-hand decor piece or even a piece of furniture like a coffee table or a console table from your own house.

Granny chic style of interiors has been known for conducting an interestingly curated blend of rich vintage tradition with a modern touch. Granny chic allows people into a broader insight into vintage history, and sensibilities. Vintage room has a lot of storytelling where each décor has a character and history. Antique furniture and vases, vintage candle stands, old cookbooks, and vintage wooden carved trays all eloquently speak of the opulence of the bygone era.

Vintage style reflects tradition. It reflects the aura of the style, strong emotions and undying love for handcrafted ornate objects. The style of admiration is intrinsic and the power it holds is paramount. This style is a symphony of classic and luxury when juxtaposed with a beautiful ornate chandelier, wing chair, and antique furniture it creates a bespoke interior.

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