5 muscle building red flags you must know

Oct 30, 2022 07:09 PM IST

Ever feel like you are not gaining muscle, despite going to the gym and being consistent with your diet? Then check out five important muscle-building red flags.

We are all aware that building muscle will take time, particularly once we have moved past the first gains from our workout. Having said that, it may be pretty irritating and occasionally even to the point where we want to give up when it seems like an eternity has passed without any discernible improvement. Additionally, this type of exercise can aid in weight loss, bone health, cognitive improvement, and an overall higher standard of living. But as with any form of exercise, you want to be sure you're performing the exercises correctly and getting the most out of each session. (Also read: Diet tips: Nutrients to consume to build your muscle health )

5 muscle building red flags you must know (Unsplash)
5 muscle building red flags you must know (Unsplash)

Nidhi Pandya Bhanshali, Ayurveda Practitioner, shared five important muscle-building red flags in her recent Instagram post.

1. Eating too much protein

Excess protein can lead to overload on the kidneys, and liver and even play with your hormones.

Solution - Appropriate quantity at the right time.

2. Eating the wrong type of protein

Certain isolated proteins, protein shakes, beans and even tofu can affect gut health severely.

Solution - Digestible traditional forms of protein that have been tried and tested.

3. Not eating enough fats

These fats are essential as a fuel to break down the protein and not dry out your body.

Solution - Avoiding fats can lead to brittle muscles and injury as well as dryness.

4. Frowning and grunting while working out

It can cause wrinkles, lowered oxygen intake and even bursting blood vessels.

Solution - Learning the right breathing technique so you are building sustainable muscle strength.

5. Not getting enough rest

Rest in between working muscles is essential for repair and resilience.

Solution - Learning the right time to work out and rest for maximum results.

Learn all these and some other effective techniques to build muscle in a way that sticks

• Nutrition

• Diet

• Herbs

• Lifestyle choices

• Ayurvedic practices for muscle building and more

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