Ankita Konwar preaches body positivity: Size doesn't matter, health does

  • Ankita Konwar also went on to add how she hasn't weighed herself since her last annual check up and that she has no idea what her waist size is.
Ankita Konwar(Instagram)
Ankita Konwar(Instagram)
Updated on Jul 15, 2021 04:25 PM IST
Copy Link | Written by Alfea Jamal, Hindustan Times, Delhi

Ankita Konwar is all about holistic living, being in touch with your spirituality, respecting your body and staying fit, much like her husband, model and fitness enthusiast Milind Soman. Ankita often takes to her social media feeds to share insights on how to stay healthy and fit, from both mind and body and her latest post shines a light on how size doesn't matter, and that people should focus on their health, not appearances. She also went on to add how she hadn't weighed herself since her last annual check up and that she has no idea what her waist size is.

Ankita posted a picture of herself beaming in red shorts and a turquoise blue sports bra, she captioned, "It’s amazing to see so many people finally talking about how size doesn’t matter. Size really doesn’t matter - but what matters is health. Health to enjoy every other aspects of our lives. To be healthy physically - so that we can do all that we wish to and more. To be healthy mentally- so that we can see beyond the dark days (yes, everyone has those). And to be healthy spiritually- so that we can understand and flow through life as it is."

She confessed, "Do I know my waist size ? Not sure really and I really don’t care. (the only downside is the difficulty I face while buying clothes online). Do I know my weight ? Last I checked was for an annual medical check up. But I have been blessed with good health for years now because I have been consciously putting an effort to stay healthy."

She went on to express that it was a learning for her as well sharing, "It’s a learning process and everyday I’m learning something new. May you also prioritise what’s important to you and enjoy life as it’s supposed to. Health and happiness to all. "


Ankita also posted a series of tweets she had published on Twitter with caption explaining that they were a series of her random thoughts and observations. One tweet read, "A flat stomach is an illusion that can be broken just by a glass of water." Another read," Health is the best luxury! Affordability may vary." Her last observation pointed out the hypocrisy of influencers who preach body positivity on one side and on another promote low calorie diets and products.


The observation read, "It just saddens me when I see and 'influencer' who talks about body positivity and then posts about 'low calories'. If you have to dissect your food, dissect it by its nutritional value not by some silly calories!! Ugh. (sic)"

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