National Nutrition Week: 5 healthy ways for better menopause(Twitter/mmcwh360)
National Nutrition Week: 5 healthy ways for better menopause(Twitter/mmcwh360)

National Nutrition Week: 5 healthy ways for better menopause

  • National Nutrition Week: Team Rujuta Diwekar reveals women should do these 5 things to ensure a smooth and better menopause
By Zarafshan Shiraz, Delhi
UPDATED ON SEP 04, 2021 07:32 PM IST

The natural suspension of a woman’s menstrual cycle that marks the end of fertility is known as menopause. It marks the end of periods as a hormonal milestone and though most women experience menopause by the age of 52, certain genetics, underlying conditions or pelvic or ovarian damage may cause sudden menopause earlier in life.

As we mark National Nutrition Week in India in the first week of September, country’s leading nutrition and exercise science expert Rujuta Diwekar shared 5 ways for better menopause. Taking to her social media handle, Rujuta shared a video posted by her team on the third day of National Nutrition Week and spilled the beans on the 5 ways women can ensure a smooth and better menopause.

Somya Gupta from Team Rujuta Diwekar revealed, “Do not follow any unsustainable diet around menopause which is limiting or restricts you from having rice, sugar etc and promises weight loss but cannot be followed for a long time.” She added, “This is because removing foods that are a part of our daily routine leads to symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, dry skin around face or vagina, pigmented skin, aches in joints, irritability, mood swings and cravings. Stay away from such diets.”

1. Start your day with fig and walnut within 15 minutes of waking up: This helps maintain energy levels throughout the day without any acidity and promises no indigestion, no gas, no bloating or cravings and neither any hot flushes.

2. Do not skip breakfast: Have either poha, idli, dosa or anything you like for breakfast and if you are in a rush, have a banana or a fruit. This is because not having breakfast leads to micro nutrient deficiency which causes us to feel low on energy, lethargic, have mood swings or be angry or irritable without any reason.

3. Include millets in your lunch: Do not overdo, skip or mindlessly mix bajra, jowar, ragi, kuttu or other millets into your diet. We must include millets in the right way in our lunch at least 2 to 3 days in a week. Ragi should be consumed in monsoon, jowar in summers, bajra in winters and wheat or rice can be eaten around the year.

Millets should not be eaten in multigrain atta or mixed atta because it has excessive fibre will make us feel uneasy or bloated. Instead have a wholesome meal of say, ragi roti with dal, vegetable and ghee which will ensure easy digestion.

4. Bring back a traditional ladoos like rajgeera, aliv or rava nariyal ladoo: Make rajgeera ladoo at home from gud or source it from a shop but make sure that it does not have liquid glucose as they are a rich source of calcium and helps in smooth and easy menopause. Aliv ladoo is rich in iron and folic acid. Rava nariyal ladoo can be eaten during mood fluctuations or even if your periods last beyond 10 days.

5. Have rice for dinner: It may help reduce your bloating or water retention.


Following these 5 ways will ensure no sweaty nights or hot flushes and will help you feeling light and energetic throughout the day.

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