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Philips vs Prestige mixer grinder: Learn why you should buy a mixer grinder for your kitchen and which one to choose

Jun 19, 2024 02:19 PM IST

Looking to buy a mixer grinder which will deliver beyond your expectations? Here is a detailed comparison between the two best mixer grinders in India

Do you love experimenting in the kitchen and cooking up something new every day? Sometimes it’s not the recipe that is hard but the lack of the right equipment or appliance and a mixer grinder with some fully loaded attachments can be the solution to your prepping voes in one quick spin around in the jar!

Pick from the best mixer grinders in India to bring home the perfect machine for all your kitchen needs.(Pexels)
Pick from the best mixer grinders in India to bring home the perfect machine for all your kitchen needs.(Pexels)

A mixer grinder is a kitchen appliance that makes cooking easier and faster. It has a powerful motor and different jars for grinding, mixing, and blending various ingredients. 

You can use it to make smoothies, grind spices, and prepare batter for pancakes or dosa. With different speed settings, you can control how fine or coarse you want your ingredients. Brands like Philips and Prestige offer reliable mixer grinders with multiple features to suit your needs. Owning a mixer grinder saves time and effort in the kitchen, making it a must-have appliance for every home.

How can mixer grinders transform your cooking experience?

Mixer grinders can make cooking much easier and faster. They help you quickly grind spices, make smooth pastes, blend juices, and mix ingredients. This saves time and effort, letting you cook more delicious meals without much hassle. It's like having a handy assistant in your kitchen.

What are the top 5 things to note before buying a mixer grinder?

  • Power: Check the motor power; higher watts mean better grinding. A 500-750 watt motor is usually sufficient for most kitchen tasks.
  • Speed: Look for multiple speed settings to control the grinding texture. More speed options give you better control over your ingredients.
  • Jars: Ensure it comes with different jars for various tasks like grinding, blending, and mixing. Having multiple jars makes the appliance more versatile.
  • Blades: High-quality, sharp blades are essential for efficient grinding. Stainless steel blades are durable and provide better performance.
  • Safety: Look for features like a safety lock and overload protection to prevent accidents. These features ensure safe and hassle-free use.

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Which are the best mixer grinder brands?

  • Philips mixer grinder: Philips mixer grinders are known for their powerful motors and durable build. They come with multiple jars and speed settings for versatile use. The advanced blades ensure efficient grinding and blending. Safety features like auto shut-off and non-slip feet add to the convenience and reliability.
  • Sujata mixer grinder: Sujata mixer grinders are celebrated for their robust performance and longevity. With a high-power motor, they can handle heavy-duty grinding tasks with ease. The stainless steel blades and jars are built to last. Their continuous running capability makes them ideal for large families and commercial use.
  • Bajaj mixer grinder: Bajaj mixer grinders offer a blend of efficiency and affordability. They feature sturdy motors and multiple jars to cater to various kitchen needs. The sleek design and easy-to-use controls make them user-friendly. Safety features like overload protection ensure safe operation, making them a reliable choice.
  • Prestige mixer grinder: Prestige mixer grinders are known for their innovative design and functionality. They come with powerful motors and multi-purpose jars for grinding, blending, and mixing. The unique safety features, such as a safety lock and heat-sensitive cut-off, ensure safe usage. Their stylish look adds a modern touch to kitchens.
  • Preethi mixer grinder: Preethi mixer grinders are popular for their high performance and reliability. They feature powerful motors and sharp blades for efficient grinding. The sturdy jars and ergonomic design make them easy to use. With safety features like a heat-sensitive cut-off and shock-proof body, they ensure safe operation.

Philips vs Prestige mixer grinder: Which one should you buy?

PHILIPS Mixer Grinder 3-in-1 750 Watt

The PHILIPS Mixer Grinder 3-in-1 750 Watt (Mixer Grinder + Juicer + Food Processor) 4 Jar (HL7707/01) is a versatile kitchen appliance that meets all your culinary needs. This powerful 750W motor ensures efficient grinding, blending, and food processing with minimal storage space. The four jars include a 2.2-litre ChefPro Jar, a 1.5-litre Wet Jar, a 1-litre Multipurpose Jar, and a 0.5-litre Chutney Jar, each designed for specific tasks like kneading, slicing, shredding, and grating. Ideal for busy kitchens, it offers ease of use and cleaning with dishwasher-safe parts. Available at great deals on Amazon, it makes a perfect gift for cooking enthusiasts.

Specifications of PHILIPS Mixer Grinder 3-in-1 750 Watt (HL7707/01):

No. of jars: 4

Motor warranty: 5 Years

Speed controls: 3

Special features: Safety Lock, PowerChop Technology

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Versatile 3-in-1 functionalityNoise during operation
Compact and easy to storeBurning smell during initial uses

What are buyers saying on Amazon?

Buyers mention it has a good design, ease of use, and versatility, though some report it makes a terrible sound.

Why choose this product?

Choose this product for its multifunctional use, powerful motor, and great performance, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Prestige Endura Pro 1000W Multi-Functional Mixer Grinder

The Prestige Endura Pro 1000W Multi-Functional Mixer Grinder is a powerhouse kitchen appliance designed for versatility and durability. Featuring a heavy-duty 1000W motor with ball-bearing technology, it effortlessly handles grinding, blending, juicing, and food processing tasks. The mixer grinder includes six jars with various attachments like a juicer jar with a sieve, Atta kneading blade, and multiple utility jars for tasks such as slicing, shredding, and chopping. Its sturdy stainless steel body and ergonomic handles ensure durability and ease of use. Available at competitive prices on Amazon, it's a practical choice for culinary enthusiasts.

Specifications of Prestige Endura Pro 1000W Multi-Functional Mixer Grinder:

No. of jars: 6

Motor warranty: 2 Years

Speed controls: 3

Special features: Juicer Extractor Jar, Atta Kneading Blade

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Powerful 1000W motor with ball bearingNoisy operation
Versatile with multiple functional attachmentsSome users find issues with grinding consistency

What are buyers saying on Amazon?

Buyers appreciate its exceptional performance and ease of use, though some criticise its noise level and grinding consistency.

Why choose this product?

Choose this product for its robust motor, versatile functionalities, and durable build, making it suitable for varied kitchen tasks and ensuring long-term use.

Specification comparison of Philips and Prestige mixer grinder

Feature/ModelPHILIPS Mixer Grinder HL7707/01Prestige Endura Pro 1000W Multi-Functional Mixer Grinder
ColourWhite and PurpleBlack and Silver
Motor Power750 Watts1000 Watts
Number of Jars4 (ChefPro Jar, Wet Jar, Multipurpose Jar, Chutney Jar)6 (SS Wet Jar, SS Dry Jar, Juicer Jar, SS Chutney Jar, Mix-O-Keep Jar, Transparent Multi Utility Jar)
Jar Capacities2.2 L, 1.5 L, 1 L, 0.5 LMultiple sizes including 1500 ml, 1000 ml, and others
Blade MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Controls TypeKnob ControlKnob Control
MaterialStainless Steel, ABSStainless Steel, ABS
Speed Controls33
Dishwasher SafeYesNo
Motor Warranty5 Years2 Years
Dimensions (cm)69D x 30W x 31H50.5D x 39.5W x 28.5H
Weight5.4 kg8 kg 640 g
Included AttachmentsChefPro Bowl, Chopping Attachment, Shredding Tool, Slicing Tool, Grating Tool, Kneading ToolFinger Chip Disc, Slicing Disc, Shredding Disc, Chopping and Mincing Blade, Citrus Juicing Attachment, Polycarbonate Jar Lids, Juicer Lid, Spatula, Measuring Cup
Price/Deals on AmazonAvailable at great dealsCompetitive prices
Buyer ReviewsGood design, ease of use, versatility; Some noise issuesMixed reviews; Appreciated for performance, criticised for noise and grinding consistency
Special FeaturesSafety Lock, PowerChop TechnologyBall Bearing Technology, Juicer Extractor Jar, Atta Kneading Blade, Multiple Utility Jars

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Editor's note:

Both models are a great addition to the kitchen, but if we are going to bring it down to the details and pick one, then there are a few things to consider and choose accordingly.

Choose the Prestige Endura Pro 1000W Multi-Functional Mixer Grinder for its value. It also has a slightly more powerful motor and some additional attachments to help you easily power through mundane kitchen tasks.

While, the PHILIPS Mixer Grinder HL7707/01 might have a slightly less powerful motor, but comes with the promise of quality and a better warranty to help you not just get a mixer grinder that is more cost-effective but also has better longevity for functionality over the years.

Want to explore more mixer grinders? Here are a few more top-rated options for you:

Preethi Zodiac Mg-218 750 Watts Mixer Grinder

Sujata Powermatic Maxima 900 Watts All-In-One Juicer Mixer Grinder

Bajaj Rex DLX Mixer Grinder 750W

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