Inside a submarine in Mauritius, 35 metres under sea level

UPDATED ON MAR 04, 2020 06:28 PM IST
About The Video

The Blue Safari has been operating in Mauritius since 1998 and has been operating in the northern part of Île Maurice, in Trou aux Biches, Mauritius. The BS1100 is a 7.5 metre long, 10-seater submarine with individual windows for each seat, but it is only after a briefing about some basic rules you are first taken to the submarine. In the submarine the internal pressure will remain stable regardless of the depth. On average, you will be able to see over a hundred fish from inside the submarine. Trevally, Rays, Turtles, Clown fish, Parrot fish and Threadfins are some of the underwater life you will be able to spot. You also get to see the ship Star Hope's wreck, which got caught in a storm and sunk in 1988. The captain, Jonathan gives a running commentary of whatever is happening outside, along with some Hindi Kindergarten poems.


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