Watch | Daredevil artist completes tattoo while skydiving

UPDATED ON DEC 15, 2015 07:10 PM IST
About The Video

A daredevil artist INK-credibly completed a tattoo while skydiving. While free falling to the ground at more than 120mph, Shannon Claydon managed to ink the word 'AHHH' on a fellow diver. The tattoo artist at Fountainhead Tattoos in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, was held by other skydivers as he carefully spelt the letters out on Nadine Elaine's wrist.

Using a portable tattoo gun, Shannon keeps an amazingly steady hand to complete the four-letter word in less than 30 seconds. Having drawn an outline before jumping, the adrenaline junkie pair pulled their parachute cords as soon as the final 'H' was finished before landing back at Edmonton Skydive.


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