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Bush popularity hits all time low, says survey

In a latest survey majority of Americans disapproved George W Bush's additional funding of USD 190 billion for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
PTI | By HT Correspondent, Washington
UPDATED ON OCT 02, 2007 07:58 PM IST

President George W Bush's popularity plummeted to all time low, as in a latest survey majority of Americans disapproved his additional funding of USD 190 billion for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The poll conducted by Washington Post and ABC News does not hold the United States Congress in good light either as the legislators collectively faired badly or worse than the White House in terms of performance.

Bush's approval rating stands at 33 per cent, equal to his career low in Post-ABC poll, but only 29 per cent approve of the job Congress is doing, its lowest approval rating in this poll since November 1995, when Republicans controlled both the House and Senate.

It also represents a 14-point drop since Democrats took control in January.

The Post points out that part of the displeasure with Congress stems from the stalemate between Democrats and the White House over Iraq policy with most Americans not believing Congress has gone far enough in opposing the war.

Overall, 55 per cent of Americans want congressional Democrats to do more to challenge the President's Iraq policies, while a third think the Democrats have gone too far.

The poll points out that more than eight in 10 liberal Democrats said Congress has been too restrained, while about the same percentage of conservative Republicans said it has been too aggressive.

The latest survey is showing that on the issue of war funding only about 25 per cent of adult Americans want Congress to fund fully the administration's USD 190 billion request, seven in 10 want the proposed allocation reduced, with 46 per cent wanting it cut sharply or entirely.

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