Did Saturn hamper Modi's dream run to 400 paar? Astrologer's take on verdict - Hindustan Times

Did Saturn hamper Modi's dream run to 400 paar? Astrologer's take on verdict

ByNeeraj Dhankher
Jun 05, 2024 09:58 AM IST

As BJP fell short of expectations and surprised with its dismal performance did planetary movements impact the Lok Sabha verdict?

The election results are finally here, and they make for interesting reading. Even though the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government has secured a majority, the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s performance in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 has somewhat dipped as it failed to grab a complete majority on its own. This is in stark contrast to the exit polls, which indicated a complete majority for the Modi government.

 The BJP is likely to fall short of the halfway mark as the Congress-led INDIA bloc has performed stronger exit poll predictions.(PTI photos)
The BJP is likely to fall short of the halfway mark as the Congress-led INDIA bloc has performed stronger exit poll predictions.(PTI photos)

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Narendra Modi’s Hostile Saturn Dasha

In astrological circles, this declining trend of the BJP is not much of a surprise given the challenging planetary alignment operating in the birth chart of Narendra Modi and that of the BJP. Born with a Scorpio ascendant, Modi is going through the major period of Mars and the sub-period of Saturn until June 6, 2024. Saturn is a strong malefic for Scorpio ascendant and is placed in the tenth house in the Leo sign ruled by the Sun, its die-hard enemy. This planetary period is not conducive to giving him the laurels that he achieved in the last decade. No wonder, under his leadership, the performance of the BJP has declined when compared to the last two terms at the helm.

The operation of the next sub-period of Mercury, starting June 5, 2024, to June 2, 2025, shows his continuation as the Prime Minister of India for the third term. Mercury being the eighth and eleventh lord in his horoscope, along with its association with a malefic Ketu, can pose some unforeseen problems during this period. This alignment suggests that while Modi might retain his position, the path ahead is fraught with unexpected challenges that could hinder his ability to govern as effectively as in previous terms.

BJP’s Horoscope Analysis

An analysis of BJP’s foundation horoscope with Gemini ascendant also shows some interesting astrological undercurrents. The ongoing Mercury sub-period from February 15, 2024, to July 17, 2025, is a challenging one. Mercury is strongly afflicted since it is posited with Ketu in the ninth house and aspected by both Saturn and Mars, making it a highly volatile period. From May 29 to August 23, 2024, the Venus sub-sub period will be operational. Venus is in the twelfth house of loss, which accounts for the declining electoral performance of the BJP in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. In the coming few days, the BJP will require the support of its allies and need to put on a fine balancing act to form the government.

The astrological challenges indicate a period of instability and potential strife within the BJP and its alliances. The planetary positions suggest that the party may face internal conflicts, pressure from coalition partners, and difficulties in pushing through its legislative agenda. The BJP will need to navigate these turbulent times with strategic alliances and careful political manoeuvres to maintain its hold on power.

Transit of Jupiter in Taurus

The transit of Jupiter in Taurus in the foundation horoscope of India from May 1, 2024, to May 14, 2025, is not a good sign for the government in power at the centre. In India’s horoscope, Rahu is placed in Taurus, and this transit of Jupiter over natal Rahu in India’s birth chart indicates unexpected turns and twists for the central government. Further, Jupiter is a malefic for India’s horoscope and its transit in the ascendant indicates tough times for the country.

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This transit suggests that the central government might face significant challenges. The period could be marked by unexpected events that disrupt the status quo and pose serious challenges togovernance. The government will need to be adaptable and resilient to navigate these turbulent times effectively.

Rahul Gandhi’s Rising Stars

While the BJP’s electoral performance dipped from its past two terms, that of the Congress party as well as Rahul Gandhi improved dramatically in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. Born with a Libra ascendant, Rahul Gandhi is going through an exceptionally favourable Saturn sub-period from May 20, 2024, to March 27, 2027.

It is this auspicious Saturn period that has accounted for the reversal of the fortunes of Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. His mass popularity is likely to shoot up in the coming few days, and his stature in politics will also grow. This period is likely to see Rahul Gandhi consolidating his leadership within the Congress party and emerging as a significant force in Indian politics.

At the same time, when we examine the horoscope of the Congress party of Pisces ascendant, it is going through the major period of Jupiter and the sub-period of Rahu till March 2025. Rahu’s placement in the seventh house with a benefic Moon makes it a Rajyoga planet, indicating a rise in status in the Indian political arena.

This astrological configuration suggests that the Congress party is on an upward trajectory. The planetary influences indicate a period of growth and increased influence for the party, with Rahul Gandhi at the helm. This could translate into better coordination within the party, more effective opposition to the ruling government, and a resurgence in its political fortunes.

Astrological analysis of pragmatic shift in Indian politics

The 2024 Lok Sabha election results have highlighted significant shifts in the Indian political landscape. Despite the NDA securing a majority, the BJP's inability to clinch a complete majority on its own marks a notable decline from previous terms. Astrological readings offer intriguing insights into these developments. The challenging planetary alignments in Narendra Modi’s and the BJP's horoscopes suggest a period of instability and unforeseen challenges. Meanwhile, favourable astrological periods for Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party point towards a resurgence in their political fortunes. As the BJP navigates this tumultuous period, the support of its allies and strategic political manoeuvring will be crucial for maintaining its grip on power. Simultaneously, the Congress party, under the favourable influence of planetary positions, is poised to capitalise on these challenges and strengthen its position in Indian politics.


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