Blissfully in love
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Blissfully in love

Difficult to come across unconditional love in today’s world, isn’t it? So, it’s a welcome break when you listen to this Panchkula-based couple — Vikram Bansal, 42, and Sunaina Bansal, 40 — recite their straight-out-of-a-movie story.

chandigarh Updated: Dec 19, 2013 10:16 IST
Navleen Kaur Lakhi
Navleen Kaur Lakhi
Hindustan Times

Difficult to come across unconditional love in today’s world, isn’t it? So, it’s a welcome break when you listen to this Panchkula-based couple — Vikram Bansal, 42, and Sunaina Bansal, 40 — recite their straight-out-of-a-movie story.

Right from preserving age old letters written as youngsters to each other to finding reasons to celebrate their togetherness – Vikram and Sunaina remain madly in love and believe in celebrating it. It doesn’t come as a surprise then when they say that this year they celebrated 25 years of the first day of meeting each — July 18, 1988. “We even shared pictures of ‘then and now’ on Facebook and called it ‘Jab We Met’,” shares Vikram.

Even today, after 19 years of marriage and three kids, the couple finds it impossible to spend time apart. "He doesn’t go away for long even on business trips. Incase he has to, he takes me along. Under rare circumstances if we do end up spending a lot of time apart, I have to lock myself up in the washroom, to not let our kids see my tears," says Sunaina.

Recalling their journey, Vikram shares, “Those days Class 11 and 12 were also a part of college. We studied at Government College, Sector 11. It was I who got inclined towards Sonu (that’s what he calls her) first; I used to give her hints regularly. Once, she asked me to solve some math problem for her. I solved it on the back side of my character certificate’s copy, because I wanted her to see that I have A grades in all subjects.”

On the first day of graduation, he proposed her for marriage, to which she politely refused saying they are too young for any kind of commitment. “After that, I started ignoring and avoiding him. Noticing my behaviour over the next one-and-half months, he told me he was considering changing his college, to which I disagreed,” says she.

The gap after the proposal faded away thanks to the changing-college debate. Vikram adds, “In the midst of all this, I continued with my efforts to make her see my love. I even wrote a letter to her in blood. Unfortunately, she didn’t read it; she threw it away like all my previous letters. Now, she feels bad about not reading it.”

“In Feb 1991, her sister had a college farewell. So, she asked us to drop her to college, which gave us time to roam around. We went to a place called Virat Nagar, near Pinjore Garden; it has a temple, ashram and an enclave. There, I asked her again if she could express her love for me; she didn’t. But luckily, after a few months, she gave in; she expressed her love through a letter,” recalls he.

Ask them about their lovey-dovey anecdotes and Vikram says, “I have always been very possessive about her. Everyone in college knew about our feelings for each other. During exams, teachers used to shuffle students’ seating plans to get them to mingle with other students.

I told my teacher to make sure that Sonu sits next to a girl. But, on the day of the paper, I found out that she has been made to sit next to a boy. I got so furious that I decided to not appear for the exam that day. And since Sonu got worried about me, she too came out of the examination hall within half an hour.”

They passed out of college in 1993 and got married in 1994. That one year in between, Sunaina was at home and Vikram was setting up BR Ads, his advertising company. The love, evidently, has not faded away.

Vikram and Sunaina still fast for each other every year on Karva Chauth. “Love is a very beautiful feeling. Only a few blessed ones get to fall in love and get married to the same person. One can always fall in love after marriage, but how poetic is it to be already in love before getting married?” they say.

Crack the chemistry

Biggest surprise you gave each other?
Vikram: Whenever I’m travelling somewhere, I surprise her by coming home earlier than planned.
Sunaina: He knows me so well that surprising him is a task!

Annoying habit about each other?
Vikram: She takes tension about almost everything.
Sunaina: He sometimes spends a lot of time with friends.

Issues you fight about?
Vikram: She doesn’t take care of herself.
Sunaina: Sometimes, he gives more time to his friends than me.

One thing you both agree on?
Vikram: Thanks to our like-mindedness people often say we’re like brother and sister. We both agree on everything!
Sunaina: Family values.

One thing you share the love for?
Vikram: Travelling, music, movies.
Sunaina: Having tea together every night.

Who has the upper hand in the relationship?
Vikram: Mostly me.
Sunaina: I believe in taking his advice on everything.

Relationship advice?
Vikram: It’s very important to keep expressing your love, which a lot of people don’t.
Sunaina: Be absolutely honest with each other.

First Published: Dec 19, 2013 10:08 IST