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Assembly polls 2018 HIGHLIGHTS: Campaigning ends in Telangana and Rajasthan; polling on Dec 7, results on 11th

Assembly elections 2018 HIGHLIGHTS: On the last day of campaigning, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi took the stage in Telangana, whereas Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah conducted rallies in Rajasthan.

By HT Correspondent | Dec 05, 2018 17:48 IST

As Wednesday was the last day of campaigning for the upcoming Assembly elections in Rajasthan and Telangana, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress conducted several rallies in both states before they go for polls on Friday.

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi took the stage in Telangana and campaigned for his candidates, whereas Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP supremo Amit Shah conducted rallies in Rajasthan.

On Tuesday, Modi and Rahul made scathing remarks against each other in rallies that were held in Rajasthan. While Modi made the crowd chant “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” as a hit back, Rahul Gandhi targeted the BJP on demonetisation and black money.

Here are the highlights:

5:00 pm IST

Campaigning ends

Election Commission-allotted time for campaigning in Telangana and Rajasthan ends.

4:55 pm IST

Congress and TDP workers are united against BJP: Rahul

Congress and TDP workers are united in fight against BJP. Everybody has seen how even judges spoke out against it. Farmers are uncertain about their future, youth are looking for jobs: Rahul

4:50 pm IST

Alliance will win hands down: Rahul Gandhi

The Grand Alliance will win Telangana hands down. PM Narendra Modi has destroyed every democratic institution in this country: Rahul Gandhi

4:45 pm IST

Rahul Gandhi-Chandrababu Naidu presser

Congress president Rahul Gandhi and TDP supremo K Chandrababu Naidu start press conference in Hyderabad.

02:50 pm IST

Congress will give you employment: Rahul

The Congress will give you employment, the youth, the farmers, the people of Telangana will get their dues. They took the money from you and put it in the corrupt people’s pockets. But we will bring back the money from the corrupt and give it to the people.

02:48 pm IST

Narendra Modi divided the country: Rahul

After beating PM Modi in Telangana, Rajasthan and other states, we will beat him in the nation. He snatched your money and fed it to the rich. He divided the country. He launched Gabbar Singh Tax (GST - Goods and Services Tax which was launched by BJP government in 2017). He took away the power of India. We will take away the power from Narendra Modi.

02:45 pm IST

Telangana will be ruled by you, not by one family: Rahul Gandhi

Telangana will not be ruled by one family. It will be ruled by the people, the farmers, the youth, the women. Your shinning power will give birth to a new Telangana.

02:40 pm IST

Rahul promises monthly unemployment allowance of Rs 3,000

In Congress’s rule, every unemployed youth will get Rs 3,000 every month as an allowance. The Budget’s 20 per cent money will go for youth’s education. There will be more colleges, institutes, better hospitals.

02:30 pm IST

People of Telangana call you Khao Commission Rao: Rahul

KCR (Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao), the people of Telangana have given you a new name. They call you ‘Khao Commission Rao’.

02:15 pm IST

Rahul Gandhi addresses public rally in Kodad, Telangana

Congress President Rahul Gandhi addresses a public gathering in Kodad, Telangana on the last day of election campaign.

01:09 pm IST

PM Modi on Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

By 2025, every family in India will have a house, that’s my dream and I will achieve it.

01:04 pm IST

PM Modi speaks on widow pension scheme

“Can a daughter who hasn’t even been born, be a widow? or a mother? But in naamdar’s books, she can. When BJP came to power, I looked in the files, I searched and found out that several non-existing widows and their kids were getting funds, from your money. Around Rs 90,000 crore money was spent. Your Rs 90,000 crore was looted,” PM Modi on widow pension scheme.

01:00 IST

PM Modi takes a dig at Rahul Gandhi

Naamdar did not even know the name of a very popular farmer and jat leader in Congress, late Kumbharam ji. He called him ‘Kumbhakaran’.

12:58 pm IST

I challenge naamdar to speak without holding piece of paper: Modi

I challenge this naamdar to speak without holding a piece of paper, I challenge him to at least count the names of his own MPs without holding a piece of paper. A person, who can’t speak without holding sheets of paper, do you want to vote such a man to power?

12:55 pm IST

A lot of people are miffed by my work: Modi

My agenda is to make India a corruption free country, and that is why a lot of people are miffed by me. Abuses are hurled at me.

12: 48 pm IST

You made a chaiwala the prime minister of India: Modi

Who chose a common man? Who led a common man to victory, a man from the crowd? You did. You made a chaiwala the prime minister of the country. You led a chaiwala to victory, chose a common man against an empire.

12: 45 pm IST

Modi speaks on VVIP helicopter case

I had mentioned the VVIP helicopter case, I spoke about it, about the letter written by Sonia Gandhi. After BJP came to power, we looked for the files, we dug around. They had hidden it away. But one middleman finally was caught after years of digging and findings. The VVIP chopper case accused will spill secrets of politicians he served.

12:43 pm IST

Why are the rules not the same for the family (Gandhis): Modi

As a prime minister, did I get any special treatment? Our rules not the same for me? Then why are the rules not same for the family (Gandhis).When I removed the red light from my car, did anyone commit suicide? Because I emerged from this crowd, my brothers and sisters. I am one of you.

12: 40 pm IST

I was not born with a gold spoon in my mouth: Modi

I emerged from the crowd, from poverty. I was not born with a gold spoon in my mouth. If anyone who is responsible for India’s poverty, which followed for decades, then its the oldest political party of the country, the family (Gandhis).

12: 35 pm IST

Farmers did not get money for their crops for four decades: Modi

When farmers went to the market to sell the crops, did they get the money ? This went on for four decades. Was Modi responsible for this? First give the answers why the farmers suffered for four decades, then ask the record of four years.

12:32 pm IST

Modi takes a dig at Sonia Gandhi

Did Sonia do anything when she was ‘remote control prime minister’.

You must have read in the papers that SC has taken a decision (herald). During their time, they had closed all the files related to the case. People who are out on bail cannot be handed Rajasthan.

He was the home minister (Chidambaram). He thinks he is very smart. Our government made such revelations, that his son was sent to jail. He has to keep begging the court to delay his arrest. How long can he keep doing that.

12:29 pm IST

Rajasthan has already chosen BJP as the winner: Modi

I know, Rajasthan has already chosen BJP has the winner. Now, our agenda is to conquer every polling booth in the state.

12:25 pm IST

PM Modi addresses rally in Sumerpur

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses rally in Sumerpur town of Pali district. “I started the campaign from Alwar, and now ending it in Pali,” PM Modi says before he starts to chant “Bharat mata ki jai” and the crowd chants along.

11: 30 am IST

Shouldn’t be politicised: Amit Shah on Bulandshahr violence

It is an unfortunate incident, an SIT has been formed and they are investigating. It shouldn’t be politicized, everything will become clear when the SIT files its report.

11:26 am IST

If you go hug Pak official, there will be slogans in India: Amit Shah on Sidhu’s Pakistan visit

Congress should clear the doubt if Sidhu went to Pak on Rahul Gandhi’s directions. When someone will hug a Pak official, there will be such kinds of slogans in India.

11:24 am IST

If Vijay Mallya has offered to pay money back, then do it: Amit Shah

BJP chief was asked about Vijay Mallya’s series of tweets on Wednesday where he offered to pay back 100 per cent of the amount to the bank. The minister laughed and said, “If he wants to pay back the money, then he can.”

11:22 am IST

Cong made crowd chant “Sonia Gandhi ki jai”: Amit Shah

Congress had a lot to say on PM Modi’s “Bharat mata ki jai”, but in their rally, they made the crowd chant “Sonia Gandhi ki jai”, did they not? You disrespect crowd chanting an emotional slogan and they brag about your own?

11:20 am IST

Does the Opposition want to protect him (Christian Michel): Amit Shah

“No, tell me, is it wrong if we nabbed the middleman? Does the Opposition want to protect him?,” Shah asked.

When probed further to give his two takes on Christian Michel, the main accused in AgustaWestland bribery case, BJP chief Amit Shah avoided the question.

11:18 am IST

Congress has no discipline: Amit Shah

The Congress party has no discipline. They don’t even have a PM candidate.

11: 13 am IST

Congress tried to play religion card, we managed to inform voters: Amit Shah

BJP managed to educate the voters on Congress’s misinformation. The Congress tried to play the religion card for votes. Even tried to disrespect the prime minister of India and I think we succeeded in telling the voters the kind of government Congress would bring. People have rejected the caste politics of Congress. I have complete faith that BJP will emerge as the winner.

11:10 am IST

Under PM Modi, BJP won many states: Amit Shah

Amit Shah addresses the media in Rajasthan as the last leg of campaign on final day kicks off. “Under Prime Minister Modi, BJP won many states,”says BJP chief Amit Shah

10:36 am IST

Rahul to address media in Hyderabad

Congress leader is scheduled to fly to Hyderabad where he will be addressing the media later in the evening.

10:22 am IST

Congress president Rahul Gandhi to address rally in Telangana

As the last leg of Assembly elections 2018 campaigning ends on Wednesday (today), Congress chief Rahul Gandhi will hold a press conference and rally in Telangana. In the election-bound state, the Congress is contesting the polls in an alliance with the Telugu Desam Party’s Chandrababu Naidu and CPI.

10:15 am IST

BJP supremo Amit Shah to campaign in Rajasthan

Before conducting a roadshow, BJP leader Amit Shah will address the media in Jaipur. The BJP chief will then conduct a roadshow in Ajmer.

10:00 am IST

PM Modi to hold rallies in Rajasthan’s Sumerpur and Dausa

To give Vasundhara Raje government one last push before the last leg of campaigning comes to an end, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a rally in Sumerpur town of Pali district. PM Modi will then take the stage in Dausa.