Banerjee report is biased
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Banerjee report is biased

The report on the Sabarmati train fire has rubbed our surfers the wrong way.

india Updated: Mar 08, 2006 13:16 IST

Okay, the "G" word has done it again. Gujarat carnage refuses to die down.

The UC Banerjee Commission report has rubbed our surfers the wrong way. The report contended that the fire in the Sabarmati train was accidental and that it was the local Muslims who helped extinguish the flames.

Just nobody seems willing to buy this logic.

Surfers across the board panned the report and outrightly rejected the commission's findings. It was clear, they felt, this was yet another attempt at vote bank politics.

Here's how it went.

Ram Kumar from Pilani in India found the report "unbelievable".

"First, how can an accidental fire engulf the whole compartment so suddenly? Secondly, if the doors were not closed from outside and were open, the insiders could have escaped; how is it that so many of them (59 or so) were burnt alive? In other words, JusticeBanerjee says they committed suicide."

Sanjay Uniyal from Delhi said, "The Banerjee Commission report is biased. Group of corrupt politicians of our country created this committee. Shri Banerjee is only playing into the hands ofcorrupt groups. The UPA only wants Muslim votes and cares for nothing else."

Gaurav from Gurgaonfelt the UPA could no longer fool people. They could not possibly deny the sabotage theory.

"Govt has to understand that the public is waking up. They can't do away with Banerjee report saying that there was no sabotage. You just can't keep on bashing previous governments and ridiculing public sentiments. Abstain from your vote bank politics! Congress Government will add ire to public's anger this way and lead to even higher degrees of communalism. Save this country from another tragedy, be impartial!"

S Asim from Chennai felt his was yet another poll specific gimmick.

The timing is dubious; again just before election in five states. Secondly, it is done to pre-empt the conclusions of Nanavati-Shah Commission judgement.

Third, there is a similarity between the recent Bombay High Court judgement on Best Bakery. It was pre-judged by media, "intellectuals", "secularalists", social activist(s) with the judiciary not far behind."

Mumbai's Mita added rather caustically, "This is vote bank politics at its worst. Even Jessica Lall got better justice than this. Shame on Congress and UPA who are intent on dividing the country along religious lines by bringing out such blatantly false reports.

"Next they will have us believe that it was Kashmiri Pandits who were all along terrorising Kashmir."

Raj Singh from Bangalore said, "Banerjee Commission's opinion is on the expected lines. When the commission was set up, it was concluded that it would say what the so-called secular parties want to say. These parties don't want the truth to be out their only intention is to please their vote bank."

YP Khullar from San Diego said he had pre-empted this. He recalled how Lalu had himself said that the fire was an "accident". What else could one expect from a committee set up at his behest?

"Banerjee Commission report is a procured one. Who the hell will believe his story? How much did he charge Lalu and Sonia who made him give the story suiting their needs? Just to please a particular community for their votes, the Banerjee Commission was appointed.

"First of all, where was the need for the second Commission when Nanavati Commission was already on the job? Secondly, Lalu had much before the start of the enquiry by Banerjee Commission, stated that the fire was result of an accident. It was a foregone conclusion that the report will come as per the lines."

Many took to humorous ways to express their anger.

MR Varadarajan from Bangalore laughed it off saying had Banerjee been looking into Gandhi's assassination, surely he would have said the man murdered was somebody else!

"If such a committee were allowed during the trial of murder of Mahatma Gandhi may be Banerjee would have found that the person killed was not Gandhi but someone else."

Vyarth Pralaap from New York asked how much had Banerjee taken to sing so.

"Justice Banerjee and his report and Indian media's seductive passion to glorify both on the national level indicates that the 'promised first instalment' of petro-dollar from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has reached safely into the deep pockets of 'Islamo-secular media' of India."

But some voices were heard supporting the report.

Husain from Muscat, Oman felt reassured the truth was out.

"Eventually the truth behind the so-called conspiracy comes out and the people came to know that as such there was no conspiracy to set the train on fire but it (the conspiracy) was to kill several innocent Muslims only for the sake of certain political motive set by some power hungry men."

Shaikh from Mumbai insisted the report was based on the findings of forensic laboratories experts.

"What Banerjee Commission has mentioned was revealed by forensic laboratories experts and according to them it was impossible to set the coach on fire from outside, they tried to use the scenario.

But Banerjee Commission report may not be acceptable to BJP because they are the perpetrators. They had strong backing from the Centre. Modi must be tried in the International Court at Hague because all the Governments in the Centre failed to remove him from the power."

S Shah from Seoul said Godhra incident was concocted to defame Muslims.

"It was purposely done to blame the Muslims by Modi to kill Muslims.Because of him BJP has lost the election. This was conspiracy by VHP, Barang Dal and RSS."

Whom does one believe? Take your pick.

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First Published: Mar 08, 2006 13:16 IST