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Bikes will soon run on hydrogen

The hydrogen motorcycle has been demonstrated in Varanasi and it would soon be tested in Delhi.
PTI | By Press Trust of India, Ahmedabad
UPDATED ON JAN 06, 2005 06:13 PM IST

As part of India's hydrogen energy programme, scientists have built a hydrogen motorcycle which would soon be tested in Delhi, Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources said on Tuesday.

The country had made several achievements in the area of hydrogen energy and had come up with efficient production methods in laboratory conditions and successfully demonstrated utilisation in motorcycles and three wheelers, Dr SK Chopra, senior advisor at the Central Ministry said.

Besides, success had also been achieved in biological production of hydrogen from organic waste and bio gas, Chopra said at the plenary in the 92nd Indian Science Congress.

The demonstration of the hydrogen motorcycle had been done in Varanasi and it would soon be demonstrated in Delhi, he added.

Scientists are working in the area of fuel cells in which hydrogen and oxygen combine to produce electricity and water. Japan and the US were leading in this area, he said.

Stating there was an urgent need to move towards cleaner energy resources and technologies, Chopra said this would reduce environmental pollution and promote human health.

Utilisation of solar energy was a good option but its utilisation in all its forms has many inherent problems which prevents its use on large scale as a substitute to the existing fossil fuels, he explained.

The world was now moving towards a solar hydrogen system and many countries were now working towards the transition to the hydrogen economy, he said adding India could show the way in this frontier energy technology area as it was already working on a hydrogen energy road map and programme to bring about transition to new solar hydrogen economy.

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