Make time to be grateful

The habit of remaining dissatisfied creates depression that can make us take extreme steps.

india Updated: Jun 05, 2006 15:23 IST

At any given situation in our life we are better off than millions of people around us. This feeling is a continual feast, the secret of happiness and doesn't allow disappointment and resultant depression to live inside us.

Just look at the obituary column of a newspaper. There are many that could not attain the age at which we are still enjoying the countless bounties of nature. Go to any hospital, you will feel healthier than many.

You may be sad because you don't have a mother or father but there are many that lost the protection of both parents in their childhood itself and were reared in some orphanage. You may be angry because you don't have a house of your own and have to bear with a bad landlord, but then you are better off than the homeless many.

If we think about it, we are better off than billions of fellow beings and for this we should keep thanking God, the Creator. There are so many things to be thankful for. Most of us do not have the imagination to visualise the situations in which life is much harder, tougher and painful than what we're in. If we look only at what others have and we do not, we will remain dissatisfied simply because even after getting that elusive something, our mind will find a deficiency somewhere else.

It is this habit of remaining dissatisfied, which creates depression and this bottled-up depression can make us take extreme steps. When we stop damning ourselves for not being wealthier and more successful than we are, when in some corner of our heart we have a place for those less privileged, when we take time to be grateful - our happiness will be enduring and divine.

Especially, we should stop nurturing big expectations from somebody else. The philosophy of a happy and contented person is to look around and count one's blessings. Such a soul cannot be overtaken by depression and the consequent impulsive, overemotional behavior that can destroy relationships for good.

First Published: Jun 05, 2006 15:23 IST