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WATCH: '16 lakhs is not enough'

City's citizens reflect on the kind of elected representatives they would be. Young teacher Kavita Panikar spoke to HT about what she would do if she were an MLA. Video inside

india Updated: Nov 09, 2013 15:40 IST

Kavita Panikar is a 25-year-old woman, who moved to Delhi about 10 years back from her hometown Shillong. She was a full-time Spanish teacher but quit her job to teach children.

Currently she teaches at a playschool in CR Park, south Delhi and teaches Spanish part-time. In her free time she loves to travel and read.

While answering HT on Webisode 2 of 'If I were an MLA', she compares the legislative assembly attendance to attending school and learning.

Calling herself a socially inactive person on the Internet she believes in going to the public and making them aware about their surroundings.

Panikar is excited to cast her vote because this is the first time she will be voting.

Read on.

Q: How satisfied are you with your current MLA’s performance?
Honestly speaking I have no idea who my MLA is. But living in this locality I feel much safer.

Q: What is the first thing you will do if you become an MLA?
I will have to take lessons from our ex- MLAs and politicians then I can figure out that these are the things that are missing and I would like to work on them.

Q: How important is the legislative assembly attendance to you?
It is very important because it is like going to your school every day and learning things. Usually what we get to see that ministers they don’t (attend legislative assembly). I have seen celebrities becoming MLAs and they are never there. It is only when there is an emergency call we can see that the assembly is all full of people, screeching their lungs out. If I would have been in that place I would have definitely be going regularly.

Q: Will you follow the party ideology or your own conscience?
For me, it will be 50-50. 50% of what party people are saying and 50% would be my ideology.

Q: What are the promises you would make as an MLA while campaigning?
There would be end number of promises that I would like to make if I will ever be campaigning to become an MLA.

Q: How will you manage the campaign within the expenditure limit given by the Election Commission?
16 lakhs is not a good and sufficient amount since there is price rise; the expenditure has equally gone high so I think 16 lakhs is a very small amount.

Q: How important will social media be in your campaign?
I am not a socially active person on the internet so I would prefer that my team go to the public personally and make them aware and tell them how things are working. This is what I personally believe in. But definitely I will talk to my other team members and will come to a conclusion. If they feel that social network has a big impact and people get informed so I will go for it. It would not be totally my decision. I will talk to the youth and whatever we feel is good for the party we will go for it.