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Independence Day 2023: 6 amazing DIY tricolour art and craft ideas kids can try

Aug 13, 2023 03:53 PM IST

Check out some amazing art and craft ideas that will encourage children to express their creativity while commemorating the essence of Independence Day.

Independence Day 2023: India is preparing to celebrate its 77th Independence Day with great fervour and enthusiasm. This significant day is celebrated with patriotic zeal, flag hoisting, cultural events and reflections on the journey of India's struggle for independence. It is a moment of unity and pride for the people of India as they honour the sacrifices of their freedom fighters and reaffirm their commitment to the principles of democracy and progress. When it comes to children, they eagerly anticipate this occasion, as it is accompanied by numerous enjoyable activities and cultural competitions. From fancy dress displays to dancing and singing performances, they get the opportunity to showcase their talents and express their affection for their country.

A wonderful way to celebrate Independence Day is through art and craft, where young minds can explore their imagination while creating vibrant tributes to the nation's flag.(Instagram )
A wonderful way to celebrate Independence Day is through art and craft, where young minds can explore their imagination while creating vibrant tributes to the nation's flag.(Instagram )

If you have still not planned any I-Day activity for your kids here are some fun and easy tricolour art and craft ideas that not only foster a sense of national pride but also allow kids to engage in hands-on activities that bring out their artistic flair. (Also read: Independence Day 2023: 5 best ways to teach kids about the importance of I-Day celebration )

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6 best tricolour art and craft activities for kids

  1. Tricolour bottle art

We all have leftover bottles around the house that often end up in the bin or just sit around the kitchen. What's better than transforming them into beautiful tricolour artwork? All you need are empty and clean glass bottles, acrylic paints in saffron, white and green, paintbrushes and newspaper or plastic sheet. You can choose any design you like, whether it is a national flag or a historical monument. Paint each section with the appropriate acrylic colour, allowing each to dry before moving on to the next. When dry, carefully remove the tape and smooth the edges for clean lines.

2. Indian flag wall hanging

Using the jute sacks that often come with cereal or rice packaging, you can make a creative Independence Day craft that will not only be fun to make but also imbues your surroundings with a sense of patriotism. By repurposing these sacks, you can create unique and charming tricolour decorations. Arrange the sacks vertically, aligning the saffron, white and green sections, and secure them with a knot at the top. Attach a wooden dowel or rod to the knot for hanging.

3. Tricolour wall hanging

A fun idea to commemorate Independence Day is to create a tricolour wall hanging out of vibrant papers. Pick some saffron, white, and green sheets of paper to start. To create a tricolour design, cut them into strips of equal length and breadth, then weave or braid them together. Securely fasten the ends, then at the top attach a string or ribbon for hanging. This eye-catching paper-covered tricolour wall hanging offers a festive and creative touch to your surroundings while artfully remembering the occasion.

4. Tricolour paper flowers

Making tricolour paper flowers is a lovely way to honour Independence Day. Cut petal-shaped pieces of green, white, and saffron paper first. To give each petal a little curl, wrap it around a pencil. To create a flower, stack the petals in layers of contrasting colours, glue them together at the base. As the flower's core, affix a circle of paper in the centre. These three-color paper flowers may be made and placed in a vase or strung together to make a festive garland to provide a colourful splash of creativity and patriotism to any room.

5. Patriotic CD painting

Painting patriotic CDs is an enjoyable and unique means to show your love for your nation. Start by collecting and cleaning all of your old CDs. Create a tricolour look by painting the reflecting side of the CDs with saffron, white, and green acrylic paint. Use fine-tipped paintbrushes or markers to add elaborate patterns, national emblems, or motivational Independence Day phrases on the CDs after the paint has dried. These repurposed CDs may be used as coasters, hung as mobiles, or even displayed as solo works of art, giving your room a patriotic feel while recycling outdated materials.

6. Popsicle sticks flag

Popsicle stick flag-making is a fun and easy craft idea to make for Independence Day. Collect popsicle sticks and paint them in the Indian tricolour of saffron, white, and green. Lay out the sticks horizontally, alternating the colours to make the pattern of the flag. Join them firmly with glue. You may either use a little sticker or paint the Ashoka Chakra on a circular piece of paper and place it in the centre of the flag for the Ashoka Chakra. This popsicle stick flag may be put on display on a wall, table, or mantle, showing off your craftiness and patriotism while also bringing a festive touch to your surroundings.

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