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Reasons why we should pay attention to our posture

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Aug 07, 2023 10:19 AM IST

From boosting mood to combatting stress and anxiety, here are a few reasons why we should focus on good posture.

The way we carry ourselves and the posture we maintain impacts anxiety and vice versa. Poor posture is known to show an impact in anxiety and the way we feel about ourselves. Explaining this, Therapist Anna Papaioannou wrote, "Poor posture can increase the experience of anxiety and increase levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, as well as restricting the amount of oxygen & blood flow travelling to your muscles and brain.⁠ Slouching or forward head position can lead to brain fog and fatigue which can lead to lower emotional resilience and regulation.⁠ Small changes to your posture will allow your body to reduce the stress and strain on your muscles, joints and ligaments as well as reducing nervous system activation and circulation of stress hormones.⁠"

Reasons why we should pay attention to our posture(Pixabay)
Reasons why we should pay attention to our posture(Pixabay)

Further explaining the importance of watching our posture and noticing the small things that we do with the body, Anna added, "Sometimes it can be hard to notice your posture, until one day you catch yourself in the mirror, or maybe someone points it out.⁠ Well, this is your sign to bring conscious attention to your posture and bodily alignment, especially if you struggle with anxiety, stress or lack of confidence.⁠"

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The expert further noted down the reasons why we should pay attention to our posture:

Confidence: The Therapist noted down that when we have good posture, it helps in reducing the levels of Cortisol in the body and increasing the sense of self-worth and confidence with our personal views and opinions.

Optimal lung function: Poor posture often hinders the flow of oxygen in the body, while good posture enables optimal use of the lungs.

Combat anxiety and stress: Poor posture accelerates shallow breathing, thereby activating the SNS and increasing the levels of Cortisol, while good posture reduces Cortisol levels in the body and helps in combating stress and anxiety.

Boosts mood: Good posture helps in reducing muscle effort and energy expenditure of the body, thereby elevating mood.

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