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Reddit user fails to see a pattern in this maths puzzle. Can you solve it?

ByTrisha Sengupta
Oct 01, 2023 04:50 PM IST

Do you think you are smart enough to solve this maths puzzle that has left netizens scratching their heads? Your time starts now…

Maths puzzles on social media not only provide mental stimulation but are entertaining and engaging as well. Solving such brain teasers triggers a rush of accomplishment for many. Are you among those who love maths puzzles? Do you think you are smart enough to decode this problem that has stumped a Reddit user?

What do you think of this maths puzzle? (Reddit/@seatbe1t)
What do you think of this maths puzzle? (Reddit/@seatbe1t)

Reddit user @seatbe1t shared a puzzle along with a one-line caption. “A maths puzzle but I don’t see the pattern,” the caption reads. The puzzle shows a grid on a black background with different numbers written in each row and column. However, one of them has a “?” on it instead of a number. The goal of the challenge is to figure out the digit or digits that will replace the question mark.

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Are you up for the challenge? Take a look at this maths puzzle:

The post was shared a month ago. Since then, the share has received nearly 2,700 upvotes. The post has accumulated several comments from people. While some tried guessing the answer, a few added that the puzzle had left them scratching their heads. Some also tried explaining the logic behind the puzzle.

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What did Reddit users say about this maths puzzle?

“53… pretty proud of myself. Unless I’m wrong,” shared a Reddit user. “The first digit is the sum of the two numbers, the second is the difference,” suggested another. “The first digit in the middle is the two surrounding it added together. The second digit is the first minus the second,” added a third.

“I am giving up,” commented a fourth. “53. If you take some of the numbers and do things to them, you'll get 53. Or if you just read all the comments and go with the first thing that makes sense,” wrote a fifth. How long did it take you to solve this maths puzzle?

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