UPDATED ON OCT 09, 2008 07:53 PM IST
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The immersing of hundreds of idols of goddess Durga into the 'holy' waters of the river Yamuna is a major threat for the environment and the river in particular, given the situation that the river is already facing an acute problem of pollution. Various things, from the materials used in making the idols, the colors ( which contain harmful chemicals and metals, which are already present in very high quantities in the river at present), the things people throw into the river including materials used to decorate the idols, pandals and also some personal belongings add to the pollution. Poly-bags and other plastics materials can be seen floating in the river and also strewn around on the banks. Big banners asking devotees to throw things at a particular place specially marked for today's event was of no-use, as some were illiterate, some too engrossed in the celebrations and others too busy to even read the signage.


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