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'Santosh deserves death penalty'

Reposing faith in the court, surfers call for harshest punishment to the culprit.

india Updated: Oct 19, 2006 18:14 IST

The landmark judgment by Delhi High Court in the Priyadarshini Mattoo case has greatly enthused the aam janta. They view the verdict as their victory. And wait with bated breath for the sentence to be announced on October 30, 2006.

Here's how the feedback went.

VK Mehra of New Delhi, India felt public and media pressure had worked wonders.

He said, "Under public pressure and with active media support the judiciary is back on rails. If we want to value human life the best example that can be set would be by bringing to book not just Santosh Kumar Singh but also his father."

"Sons of eminent and rich people would learn a lesson not to think that they can get away with any crime in the false hope that their fathers or grandfathers or godfathers can come to their rescue. This is what Gandhigiri or Ramayana teaches us. India can set an example for the whole world to emulate."

Ashwini Sharma of Dubai, United Arab Emirates felt nothing short of death penalty should be given to Santosh Singh. He said, "I too feel that Santosh Singh deserves death penalty. Also the Indian judicial system has won the common man's trust. Let's wait for the verdict to be delivered on October 30, 2006."

Rakesh Bhat of New Delhi, India thought the police should also be severely penalised. He said, "Yes, it is true that the police system can be manipulated and in fact is being manipulated daily in our country. There should not be any mercy for such persons who commit such crimes. In most of the cases it is seen that judgement comes very late in such cases and is sometimes useless."

Anupama of New Delhi, India agreed justice delayed was better than justice denied and said, "Well, even though justice has been delayed what matters is the end. Kudos to the judges who delivered the judgment! I hope he get the maximum sentence that is death penalty. Though I feel a bit sad for his wife and kid."

Kulmohan of New Delhi, India felicitated the media for keeping up the crusade. He said, "Congrats on the victory for justice in Priyadarshini Mattoo case. Media deserves to be congratulated for their crusade against injustice which eventually led to justice being meted out."

"However the media needs to be condemned for failing to raise a voice in the matter of 1984 riots. Media like everybody else from the majority community has chosen to turn a blind eye to the cause of 1984 victims. Shame on the media!"

RK Karol, New Delhi, India said, "I would recommend death penalty for Santosh Singh. Despite being a custodian of law he committed the most heinous of crimes. Further with the help of his IPS father he misused the investigative agency and legal procedures to dupe the judiciary and the nation. Any leniency shown to a person like him will not only embolden him but also other influential persons to commit crimes and go unpunished."

Subhash Gupta of Sydney, Australia said, "I'm an NRI living in Australia. In my opinion the root cause of all problems relating to corruption, high-handedness, crime, etc will disappear from India if the police, supposed to be for protection, is not corrupt in the first place and is held accountable for what they do."

Krishna of Philadelphia, US felt relieved that justice has prevailed. He said, "Satyameva Jayate! My faith in justice is now restored. What about Sanjeev Nanda who mowed several persons few years back? What's happening with Jessica Lall case? Police should move and bring these culprits also to justice. Media should never give up these cases."

GP Shukla of Satellite Beach, USA felt it was high time we disciplined the legislative, the real culprit in India. He said, "By and large the legislative is so corrupt in India, hardly any meaningful business or personal goals or justice of any kind can be achieved without the blessing of these thugs. So far the independent judiciary is the only hope India has that can overpower them. I hope they don't succeed to penetrate into judiciary, though they are trying and will continue trying."

Anup of Stamford, USA felt happy for all the honest people of the world. He said, "A right verdict given by few honest people! But it's still almost impossible to punish a powerful guys or their relative. I suggest the court should also announce punishment to those people who have not done proper investigation or who have made this case weak. Then in the future an investigating officer will have some fear before tampering with proof."

Raj of New Delhi, India said, "Finally a ray of hope for the citizens of India!"

"This is a landmark judgment and will have ripple-affect in the Jessica Lall and Nitish Katara cases. Also it is time that the police also woke up and took notice that their incompetence and bad practices will not be tolerated by the court, the public and the media."

"The sad part is in all the three cases the persons involved are sons of influential people. Just goes to show the kind of upbringing that these kids had."

Sanjeev Jain of Noida, India said, "Justice is done only 50 per cent now. Whole justice will be done only when all the cops who failed to conduct proper investigation should also be punished. Those who could have prevented this or could have facilitated the speedy trail of the accused are equally responsible."

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First Published: Oct 19, 2006 10:24 IST