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The spin on sin

Over-indulgence in the concept of sin can lead to a sense of hopelessness.

india Updated: Feb 24, 2006 11:23 IST

What issin? It is often defined as "An offense against religious or moral law, an offense against God." Sowing and reaping is a process of nature, really. We act in ways that are either towards or away from purifying our nervous system and expressing divine love.

What we put in is what we get out. If we do yoga and favour opening over closing, we give ourselves a big advantage in this process.

Sin is coloured by human judgement. If you do thus and thus, you commit "sin". You are offending God. Who decides this? Most often, it is we who decide it through our guilt and shame over our actions. Maybe we have been conditioned by others since childhood to feel that way about ourselves. In our still-limited state of awareness we tend to act in ways that bind us, and in our conscience (the divine morality in us) we feel remorse. And if we do not judge ourselves, others will certainly do it for us. In doing so, they place themselves as an intermediary between us and our salvation.

And there you have it, the psychological structure that holds most of the world's organised religions together.

The concept of sin is a human colouring of natural law. Sin is a spin on a process of nature.

Sin rises out of our guilt. Over-indulgence in the concept of sin can lead to a sense of hopelessness and an unhealthy dependence on others for our salvation.

It rises out of our guilt and/or someone else's judgement. Over-indulgence in the concept of sin can lead to a sense of hopelessness, and an unhealthy dependence on others for our salvation, when, in truth, there is only one place we will ever find it: within ourselves.

Expecting someone else, ordained or not, to relieve us of our sins is a formula for failure. Real religion is not a business transaction where we give this and get that.

Meditating for the first time can shatter the illusory grip of sin. It won't free us from all obstructions within us on the first day, but it is the beginning of a road we can travel that increasingly reveals divine light as we purify and open our nervous system.

First Published: Feb 23, 2006 12:09 IST