Veena Malik

This Pakistani model cum actress is known more for her controversies than her films. From her controversial claims about ex-flame Mohammed Asif's match-fixing scandal to her much-talked about relationship with Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel and her nude FHM cover, this lady has grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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Veena Malik,Mohammed Asif's match-fixing scandal to her much-talked about relationship with Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel and her nude FHM cover,this lady has grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons.

This Pakistani model cum actress is known more for her controversies than her films. From her controversial claims about ex-flame Mohammed Asif's match-fixing scandal to her much-talked about relationship with Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel and her nude FHM cover, this lady has grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Veena, the Pakistani actress

VeenaBefore shooting to fame in India, Veena Malik was an established actor and comedienne in Pakistan, having hosted several shows and being part of many Lollywood films since 2000. She made her acting debut alongside Shaan and Zara Sheikh in Askari's Tere Pyar Mein (2000), in which she played a supporting role and was barely acknowledged. The film although was a box office hit. She played a supporting role in the film and was barely acknowledged.

Not many know that in 2003, Veena even appeared in Indo-Pak cross venture Punjabi film Pind Di Kuri. Even though the film didn't do too well, it was the first Indo-Pak venture to made with a budget of Rs 70 million.

She appeared in several Punjabi films thereafter and hosted several TV shows including Prime Gupshup and Hum Sub Umeed Say Hain in Pakistan. Fashionable Malik was even awarded Most stylish celebrity on the carpet at the Lux Style Awards in 2007.

But it was in 2010 that Veena Malik made headlines in India with her startling revelation about former boyfriend and renowned cricketer Mohammed Asif's match-spotting racket. What started as a bitter lover's crusade unravelled something much larger that shook two nations. Veena Malik filed a complaint against Asif for fraud after two cheques he gave bounced although the latter denied it. The case continued in the civil court but then in August 2010, Veena revealed not only that her boyfriend used to fix matches but also that an Indian bookie was involved with him. Due to cricket's popularity, Veena became a sensation overnight and opened what seemed like a can of worms in which she named other Pakistani cricketing bigwigs like Salman Butt and Mohammed Amir, even revealing that Asif was supported by the top brass in the Pakistan Cricket Board. She also accused Asif of doctoring his medical report after he tested positive in a dope test in the IPL.


Soon after, she claimed that the fast bowler was threatening her and in an interview with HT City, she even revealed that the cricketer had beaten her up so much that she started bleeding.

It was while this controversy was still ripe that Bigg Boss announced the entry of the Pakistani actress in its fourth season.

The Bigg Boss episode

Like outside, Veena Malik stirred up a storm inside the Bigg Boss house too. Even before her entry, political party Shiv Sena wanted a ban on the show because it objected to the two Pakistani celebrities, Veena Malik and Begum Nawazish.

However, the show went on, literally. But soon after her entry, the actress was again in the news for blatantly lying on national television. The Pakistani host, who had been in raptures about her fiancé Faisal Khan just before going into the show, told inmates that she was single and wanted to remain so for the next few years. However, her spokesperson Sohail Rasheed, insisted that the two were still together.

Soon after, there were rumours of something going on between inmates Veena and Ashmit Patel. The two were apparently seen getting cosy and in fact, some of the media even reported that the two were getting 'touchy-feely' and even smooched each other. The footage was not broadcasted on television because it was deemed too explicit. Later, one of the evicted contestants even alleged that the two made love on the show, although Ashmit denied the claim. The lady then revealed that she had a crush on another inmate Hrishant Goswami.

Meanwhile, she got blacklisted by Pakistani clergymen, some who even claimed that she was a threat to Islam. By the end of the show, Veena's engagement to fiancé Faisal was also called off.

Veena, later even locked horns with a Muslim cleric on a Pakistani TV show where she poured out her entire side of the story. Read the full interview.

Controversies thereafter
After her Bigg Boss stint, Veena reportedly got death threats from militant organisation Taliban, although she didn't seem too bothered in her interview with us. Read full interview.

Veena's Swayamvar
In October 2011, it was reported that after Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan, Veena Malik would be the next to feature on NDTV Imagine's show Swayamvar and it was reported that she was offered a hefty Rs 3 crore for it. The actress, who later declared that nationality was no bar for received over 71,000 entries, surpassing her predecessors by a huge margin. She revealed she was overwhelmed that the maximum entries were from India. However, in this too, Veena found herself struck by controversy as the All India Muslim Tyohar (Festivals) Committee in Bhopal issued a fatwa against the actress for showing disrespect towards the sacred institution of nikaah (marriage) by signing a contract with a channel for her wedding on National TV. However, the show was eventually called off as the channel itself was shut down.

The FHM cover

FHMAfter the match-fixing scandal, however, Veena Malik's biggest controversy was her nude picture on the cover of FHM magazine's India issue. The cover, which shows a naked Malik sporting a prominent 'ISI' tattoo on her arm, and the actress faced harsh criticism back home.

However, the actress denied going commando, "It came to me as a big shock and I am really upset. The photo is morphed! I never shot the picture like this, I got it clicked with some clothes on. My lawyer is looking into the matter and we plan to take legal action against the magazine for ruining my image." Although the magazine stood its stand, Veena was distressed and even said that the controversy added 10 years to her age. She sued the magazine, who in turn, sent her a legal notice.

Meanwhile, several petititons were filed against the Pakistani actress for obscenity. But what really happened? Find out here

Missing Veena
Veena then made headlines when she went 'missing' from the sets of her film Mumbai 125 KM after informing the director that she was unable to concentrate as she was disturbed. Complaints were filed, speculations were rife and both nations were anxious before it was reported that she never went missing and just wanted to shut out the world for some time and be with herself. Her manager said she did because she wanted to keep herself in wraps for some time after the nude FHM scandal. She was apparently, resting, not missing.

Veena in Bollywood

Veena Malik in Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai

Shortly after her Bigg Boss stint, Veena Malik starting getting film offers in India. Her first role was that of an item girl Channo in the film Gali Gali Mein Chor Hai. She also appeared in Riteish Deshmukh-Genelia D;souz's hit film Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya.
Veena got her first role as the leading lady in Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai, where she plays a budding actress. The film also featured Jackie Shroff, Shakti Kapoor, Raja Chowdhary among others. The film, however, failed to create any interest other than the fact that it was Veena's first full-fledged Bollywood role.
Her next film Mumbai 125 KM is a horror film in which stars alongside Karanvir Bohra and Vedita Pratap Singh.

Incidentally, Veena Malik is also singer and nurses a dream to do so professionally.

Indian Filmography
Gali Gali Mein Chor Hai - Special appearance in song Chhanno.
Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya - Special appearance in song Fann Ban Gayi
Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai
Mumbai 125 KM 3D
Zindagi 50-50 Hindi Post-production
Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Maga Kannada Filming
Supermodel Hindi Filming
Mr. Money Hindi Special appearance in a song
Nagna Satyam Telugu Pre-production

BiggQuote Room

On her match-fixing exposé
"I can't keep my mouth shut if I know the truth. The calls turned out to be from an Indian man involved in match fixing." I am hurt because we, as a nation, love cricket and this is what these guys are doing," she added.

On her Bigg Boss stint
"You must understand that we were being recorded 24x7. We laugh, we joke, we fight and we discuss serious issues. But it is up to the Bigg Boss to show what he wants to show in an hour. But I know that I have done nothing wrong. I was very real on the show. That's how I am in real life. Maybe only our jokes and fights were shown in the one hour. It is upto the show bosses to decide which aspect of our personality they want to reveal," she added.

On her relationship with Ashmit Patel

"I don't know why there is so much confusion. I admit that I am very close to Ashmit. We are very close friends. I love him and he loves me. We never crossed any boundaries on the show. As far as Hrishant is concerned, I like him because he is a very handsome man. But that does not mean I am close to him. I also like Salman Khan."


On her past lovers

"I love all my ex-boyfriends. I still miss them sometimes, but I don't want to go back to them. The past is past. I am not among those who love someone at a time and hate them later. But I always cherish memories."

On where her loyalties lie
"I have been here (India) for one-and-half years now, but I will always root for Pakistan. Peace talks, relationships between the two countries are all good, but when it comes to a match between India and Pakistan, it's serious cricket and nothing else."

Fact File

Real Name: Zahida Malik
Date of Birth: February 26, 1984
Place of Birth: Rawalpindi
Parents: Mohammad Ali Malik, Zeenat Malik
Debut: Tere Pyar Mein (Pakistan) Bigg Boss 4 (India)

First Published: Jul 23, 2012 17:41 IST