What's in a name? Lots

If daddy is in the electoral fray, why should Babuji and Bapu lag behind?

india Updated: Nov 24, 2003 03:28 IST

If daddy is in the electoral fray, why should Babuji and Bapu lag behind? And if Jeeja can try his political luck, who can stop Bhabhi? It’s only natural then that Kaka, Chachi, Dada and Mausi should also try their hand at becoming MLAs. For the Bhaiyyas, of course, it’s a birthright to contest whatever election comes their way.

The list of candidates for the Madhya Pradesh Assembly polls makes for interesting reading. Interspersed among the names of over 2,100 candidates is an impressive array of accompanying familial titles and nicknames.

If some candidates intend to cash in on titles reserved for respected elders, others are trying to use the familiarity of household names given to young ones. So there are Munnas, Guddus, Lallas, Kallus and Pappus trying to generate love and favour in the heart of voters.

There are at least 29 Bhaiyyas, four Kakas, two Babujis, and one each of Bapu, Daddy, Jeeja, Bhabhi, Chachi, Mausi and Dada contesting the polls this time.

Interestingly, both the Babujis are Congress candidates — Ramsevak Singh 'Babuji' from Dabra (Gwalior) and Sobran Singh 'Babuji' from Patan (Jabalpur). Suresh Modi 'Daddy' is RLD’s candidate from Damoh. Of the Kakas, two are independents and one each is from the BJP and CPI.

The name game does not end here. One candidate, from the Panagar constituency in Jabalpur, has decided to go particularly soft by opting for Makkhan (butter) as his title.

First Published: Nov 24, 2003 03:22 IST