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Interior decor to cuisine: 5 tips to make your restaurant stand out

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Nov 22, 2023 07:26 AM IST

Experts share essential tips from interior decor to cuisine, to ensure that your restaurant becomes a destination where guests keep coming back for more

In the ever-evolving realm of dining and hospitality, the art of crafting indelible experiences for cherished customers is the very essence of triumph. It transcends the mere realm of culinary delight, extending its influence to the ethereal realms of ambiance, decor and the warm embrace of hospitality.

Interior decor to cuisine: 5 tips to make your restaurant stand out (AP Photo/Dar Yasin)
Interior decor to cuisine: 5 tips to make your restaurant stand out (AP Photo/Dar Yasin)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Richi, Founder of Habbit and Orange Room, shared insights to elevate the experience at your food outlet, ensuring it not only distinguishes itself but etches enduring memories in the hearts of your discerning patrons -

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  • Exquisite Food that Leaves a Lasting Taste: The cornerstone of any great dining experience is undoubtedly the food. Exceptional cuisine should be at the heart of our outlet. Invest in talented chefs who are passionate about their craft and dedicated to creating dishes that tantalize the taste buds. Offer a diverse menu that caters to different tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring there's something for everyone. Consistency is key; every dish should meet or exceed the expectations of the guests. Use fresh, high-quality ingredients to create unique and memorable flavors. Don't be afraid to update the menu seasonally to keep things fresh and exciting.
  • Crafting the Perfect Ambiance: The ambiance of the outlet sets the stage for the entire dining experience. Consider the type of cuisine we offer and our target demographic when designing our ambiance. Pay attention to details such as lighting, music, and table settings. These elements should complement the concept and create the right mood. The ambiance should be an extension of our brand, making the outlet instantly recognizable and unique.
  • Eye-Catching Decor: Our outlet's decor is an essential part of its visual identity. Unique and eye-catching decor can leave a strong impression on our guests. Consider investing in a signature piece that becomes a focal point, such as a stunning chandelier or a vibrant mural. Choose a color scheme and decor style that aligns with the brand and concept. Incorporate elements that tell a story or convey a sense of place. Whether it's vintage furniture, local artwork, or themed decorations, these details can make our outlet more memorable and Instagram-worthy.
  • Exceptional Hospitality and Service: Hospitality and service are the glue that holds the entire dining experience together. Train the staff to be friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable about the menu. Encourage them to engage with customers, offer recommendations, and make each guest feel special. Personalized experiences, such as remembering a regular customer's favorite dish or celebrating special occasions with a complimentary dessert, go a long way in creating unforgettable moments. Prompt and efficient service is also crucial to ensure a seamless dining experience.
  • Consistency is the Key to Excellence: Consistency is the secret sauce that ties all these elements together. Ensure that every aspect of the outlet, from food quality to service and decor, maintains a high standard every day. A customer who has a memorable experience should be able to expect the same level of excellence during their next visit. Regularly gather feedback from customers to identify areas for improvement. Be open to constructive criticism and use it to fine-tune the operations continually. Consistency not only builds trust but also encourages repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

According to Chef Vaibhav Bhargava, CHO at Vietnamese Kitchen and Bar, “Providing top-notch customer service is commonly known as an important aspect of any restaurant's success. Failing to deliver steady and dependable customer service could result in the loss of valued patrons. The advantage lies on the restaurant owner to ensure that their staff receives proper training, with an emphasis on safeguarding customer satisfaction.”

He recommended five tips to make your Food and Beverage (F&B) establishment more visit-worthy -

  • Extraordinary Quality and Uniformity: Ensure that the quality of your food and beverages is consistently high. Use fresh and new ingredients, maintain hygiene standards, and capitalize in skilled and trained chefs, mixologists, and bartenders. Consistency in taste and presentation will boost repeat visits.
  • Exclusive and Outstanding Menu: Create a menu that stands out. Offer signature dishes or drinks that are exclusive to your outlet. Include artistic and trending food and drink options to temper curiosity and tempt the guests.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: Train your staff to deliver exceptional customer service. Friendly and observant service can leave a long-lasting impression. Inspire staff to engage with customers, resolve their queries and make personalised references.
  • Aura and Ambiance: Create an inviting and unique atmosphere at your outlet. Pay attention to interior design, lighting, music, and seating arrangements. The environment should match the theme or concept of your F&B business and provide a comfortable and enjoyable dining and drinking experience.
  • Interactive and Engaging Experiences: Consider offering interactive experiences such as food tasting and wine tasting, chef's tables, or festive-themed events. These can provide a memorable and unique dining experience that encourages repeat visits.

Creating unforgettable experiences at our outlet involves a delicate balance of exquisite food, the perfect ambiance, eye-catching decor, exceptional hospitality and unwavering consistency. By focusing on these five essential tips, one can ensure that the outlet becomes a destination where guests not only enjoy a meal but also create cherished memories that keep them coming back for more.

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