Are you emotionally constipated; These might be the symptoms

Updated on Oct 16, 2022 02:52 PM IST

Emotions play a vital role in our overall well-being but when we are emotionally overwhelmed and avoid our feelings then it can lead to emotional constipation. Check out its symptoms and ways to overcome them.

Are you emotionally constipated; These might be the symptoms(istockphoto)
Are you emotionally constipated; These might be the symptoms(istockphoto)

We frequently try to suppress our emotions. In actuality, we are hardwired to suppress our feelings rather than consciously embrace them. Affective neuroscience studies have shown a connection between emotions and our ancestors' motivational systems. Feelings are designed to mobilise and propel an adaptive behavioural response since they signal how we are interpreting our surroundings. The ability to feel well allows us to develop a strong sense of self and gives us the flexibility to live freely and pursue our passions. But when we’re not sure how to feel the emotions or when we are emotionally overwhelmed then emotions can get stuck in our bodies. (Also read: How to understand your emotions better? Know from expert )

Movement and Life Coach, Julie Thom, shared what it means to be emotionally constipated and the symptoms to look for in her Instagram post.

1. Lymphatic system

Did you know that if the lymphatic system stopped working you would die within 24 hours? The lymphatic system directly affects immunity. The lymphatic system is the organ that has the most impact on how clean your inside environment is. Similar to how water flows through your pipes, toxicity thrives when things slow down and become stagnant.

2. Toxic emotions

Our body responds to emotions in a variety of ways. When you experience an emotion your body produces a chemical, not unlike a hormone, that acts as a chemical messenger to your cells. The word emotion gives us a clue as to how our body should use these chemicals. Emotion essentially means 'energy in motion'.

3. A healthy body is a body in motion

The lymphatic system is strongly influenced and assisted by daily physical and energetic motion. Ironically, the mechanism that removes excessive stress and sluggish rage depends on the very movement that these emotions inspire. In fact, the body's natural cleansing process is aided by appropriate emotional expression.

4. Honour your emotions

The next time you feel sluggish or experience congestion and inflammation take a closer look at what might be weighing you down. Learn how to honour your emotions by allowing yourself to fully feel them as they arise, express them constructively and share them with significant people when the timing is right.

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