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Say no to these New Year’s resolutions!

You don’t have to be a superman or superwoman when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Here are 7 resolutions that you shouldn’t plan to follow if you want to make 2015 a wholesome, happier affair.

lifestyle Updated: Jan 01, 2015 15:02 IST
Snigdha Ahuja
Snigdha Ahuja
Hindustan Times
New Year’s resolutions

It’s the first day of the year, and your alarm goes off, snapping you out of yesterday’s hangover. Another year, same routine? “Of course not!” You tell yourself – there’s a long list of resolutions to be followed! Well, we love all the determination and courage that you’ve mustered up, but, what’s with all this stress! There’s nothing wrong to be so resolute, but do it in a realistic way. While self-betterment is everyone’s goal, don’t lose yourself completely in the process.

Here are some resolutions that you shouldn’t plan to follow if you want to make 2015 a wholesome, happier affair. Make that list shorter and that smile wider in 2015!

1 Goal deadlines
It’s great to have a list of things you want to achieve in a year. That car you have been saving up for, the loan you’re hoping to pay off, a salary hike. Even though you are capable of getting all that you want, having a strict deadline and planning each and every measured step might not be the best idea. Don’t be afraid to make a list of things you want to achieve, but always give credit to yourself even if you can’t have all of it. So, throw away strict deadlines, don’t you have enough of them at work?

2 Landing love
Tired of your friends asking, “Can I get a plus one to the party?” Yes, a lot of us are single and these little things can annoy us. Not to forget, that most of the people on your timeline are getting engaged or escaping to honeymoons. Relax, don’t get overwhelmed. Rather than having a resolution to ‘find love,’ focus on strengthening your friendships and cherish your singledom while it lasts!

3 Gym crazy
We all have renewed our gym memberships. Joined zumba. Circuit training. Pilates. Stopped eating. Sigh, and you thought losing those inches would make you happy! Who doesn’t want to be fitter and happier in the new year? But, there’s no point going overboard with that cold pressed kale juice if it just makes your stomach turn! Rather, find healthier routines that make you happy. Here’s what a few fashion designers have to say on fitness resolutions.

4 Futuristic fandome
The world is moving at a fast, fast pace. You’ve almost ditched the newspaper for the quick feed on your phone, you count your lunch calories on an app, and buy your clothes only on that e-retail website. If your resolution is to become the queen or king of touchscreens, remember, old school will always be cool. Wear your grandma’s vintage scarf, read a book in the park, go for an evening’ll feel great!

5 Stick to the rules
In 2014, you played it safe. You were too scared to chop those locks off, too afraid to wear the pair of platforms to the party...and that trip to the hills? Nah, you didn’t want to put up a fight at work. Stop thinking about what everyone else would say, and don’t crumble under the pressure to change..or not to change at all! Take chances and don’t cringe away from turning the set norms - going by rules to impress will make you miss out.

6 Resolution diva
Can’t believe 2014 is already over? You’ll probably have the same thing to say when the new year also takes a bow. That long list of resolutions? Good you have them, but don’t go on ticking off what you’ve achieved and being upset about what you couldn’t. Being a resolution diva might not give you a great deal of happiness. Follow what you can and live the moment!

7 Gadget lust
It’s so hard to keep up with technology! And, while you’ll always want to buy that phone, the super tablet and the gadget which just got invented while you read this, try and remember that it’s pretty fun to be disconnected too! Keep the USBs and wire mesh at bay, and spend a few hours in a week dedicating your life to being ‘offline’ rather than making that resolution to be on top of the tech game.

First Published: Jan 01, 2015 13:52 IST