The clip has collected over 65,000 upvotes on Reddit. (Reddit)
The clip has collected over 65,000 upvotes on Reddit. (Reddit)

Cat tells hooman exactly how to comfort it, video has people gushing

The video is collecting several reactions and may make you smile as well.
PUBLISHED ON MAR 05, 2021 09:12 PM IST

Cats usually do what they want, when they want. And they’ll even get their hoomans to follow their instructions - they have their ways. Case in point, this purrfectly adorable video of a cat getting its hooman to comfort it the way it desires.

The video has been shared on Reddit’s aww subreddit and rightly so. It shows a cat lying in its hooman’s lap, all ready to for its naptime. Seconds later, the pet parent places his hand away from the cat’s face - a move the cat doesn’t quite appreciate. So it lets the hooman know what he needs to do.

“No, no... like this. There ya go buddy,” says the caption of 10-second-long clip that is collecting several reactions. It may make you smile too. Watch it below:

Shared on March 3, the video has collected over 65,000 upvotes and lots of comments.

“My cat LOVES having his face covered with my hand too! I think he likes it because his nose is always so cold. Then he just falls asleep and snores,” posted an individual. “When I do this to my cat he goes into super purr mode,” wrote another.

“I have never owned a pet. But after being on Reddit for a while, I feel like cats think humans are just bad at being cats? Like maybe cats think humans are cats that never learned to be cats. That’s why people think they’re condescending when in reality cats are just like ‘you’re bad at being a cat, let me show you’,” commented a third. “That reassuring pat at the end… ‘yeah, you got this’,” reacted a fourth.

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