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Ketu’s Transit in Hasta Nakshatra 2024: It’s time to discover our inner gifts

ByNeeraj Dhankher
Mar 04, 2024 04:13 PM IST

On March 4, 2024, the mysterious planet Ketu will transit into the Hasta Nakshatra and will stay here till November 10, 2024.

On March 4, 2024, the mysterious planet Ketu will transit into the Hasta Nakshatra and will stay here till November 10, 2024. For the benefit of our readers, let us recall that on October 30, 2023, Ketu had transited into the Virgo sign. It will stay here till May 18, 2025. While transiting in the Virgo sign for a period of 18 months or so, Ketu will pass through three lunar mansions called Nakshatras, namely Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, and Chitra. On March 4, the south node will transit into the second of these nakshatras, i.e. Hasta.

Ketu’s Transit in Hasta Nakshatra 2024 predictions.(Freepik)
Ketu’s Transit in Hasta Nakshatra 2024 predictions.(Freepik)

What’s unique about Hasta Nakshatra?

Hasta is symbolised by an open hand or palm and is associated with skills, craft, and effort. The hand symbol reflects its energies of working skillfully towards goals. Hasta's planetary ruler is the Moon, which represents emotions, the mind, and the public. The Moon's influence here connects this nakshatra with creativity, emotions, and sharing talents.

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Hasta is ruled by Savitr, the Vedic deity of creativity, inspiration, and divine light. This bestows creative energies and links Hasta with prana or life force energy. Hasta has a balanced or sattvic nature, allowing constructive use of its abilities. This nakshatra combines the groundedness of earthy signs with the versatility of water signs.

What’s special about Ketu in Hasta Nakshatra?

Ketu is the planet of spirituality, detachment and letting go. Its transit through skill-oriented Hasta inspires us to detach from ego-driven goals and instead focus on using our talents for selfless service. With the hand symbolism of Hasta, this transit highlights and awakens latent creative talents like art, music, writing or healing that can be used on a spiritual path. It's a period of discovering one's inner gifts.

Ketu and Hasta both connect with prana and energy flow in the body. Their alignment can spark kundalini awakening, opening psychic abilities and higher states of consciousness. Ketu seeks wisdom and liberation, while Hasta seeks skilful action. Together, they orient us towards moksha or ultimate spiritual freedom as the highest goal to work towards.

Impact on Career

Ketu in Hasta can shake up our relationship with work and worldly achievement. We may suddenly feel disillusioned with goals that were once meaningful. Or we may be forced to detach from an unsatisfying job due to unexpected change. This transit highlights gifts latent within us - art, writing, and even psychic abilities. We should pursue work that utilises our true talents, even if unconventional. This period could set us on the path towards more purposeful work.

Impact on Finances

Loss and detachment under Ketu can manifest as financial disruption. We should be ready to release material possessions, desires, and old habits that no longer serve an authentic life. We should avoid risky investments during this transit. But we should view this as a positive time to reevaluate how money relates to our inner peace. This transit can plant seeds for new abundance through purposeful work.

Impact on Relationships

Ketu seeks to remove anything that keeps us chained to worldly desires and ego. So, connections rooted solely in physical chemistry or avoidant attachments will be challenged during this transit. Sudden changes, separations, or endings of relationships are possible under Ketu's stern energy in Hasta. This can be painful initially but is meant to clear space for true soulmate connections aligned with our highest self to enter. Any relationships continuing under this transit must transform to have a more spiritual focus. Possessiveness, unrealistic expectations and power struggles will need to be shed, or the relationship may not survive Ketu's cleansing impact.

For those who are single, there is the promise of fated meetings with soul tribe members or even potential twin flames. But take it slowly - strong attraction during this transit can be deceiving. Let true caring, understanding and shared values take precedence over infatuation. Avoid clinginess or obsessiveness in new relationships - Ketu despises this.

Overall, Ketu in Hasta breaks down barriers around our hearts so we can release our ego and rediscover our core essence. Any relationships still standing as Ketu exits Hasta in November 2024 will be deeply spiritually fulfilling. Have faith that Ketu is reshaping our connections and romantic path for the highest good.

Impact on Health

We need to be mindful of increased stress levels during this astrological shift. Getting adequate rest is crucial while Ketu transits Hasta. His mystical energy can open us psychically, so we should protect our aura with spiritual practices like meditation. We should avoid intoxicants that make us spiritually ungrounded. We must channel Ketu's detachment into healthy letting go of bad habits for a purified lifestyle.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder - Astro Zindagi)



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