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My dream college

Like most aspirants, the heat and the queues will all be worth it if our campus journalists get accepted for the course, and preferably, the college, of their choice

education Updated: Jun 19, 2012 12:30 IST
Hindustan Times

Ankita Chander, St Thomas School

If you wish to get through the ECA or sports quota — you have to straddle the intertwined roads of the Delhi University campus to reach individual colleges to fill up the forms to get to your dream college. My dream colleges are SRCC, St Stephen’s, Hindu, Miranda House and Lady Shri Ram. Once you step out of the Vishwavidalaya Metro station, you feel like a celebrity; the only difference is you being accosted by the rickshawalas not to get your autograph, but to convince you to take a ride in their rickshaws! Though there aren’t long queues at the counters, the scorching Delhi summer heat does take a toll on you! As I walked through the campus, I started to wonder how many people have traversed these same paths and have created history! From the likes of Barkha Dutt, Montek Singh Ahluwalia and Naina Lal Kidwai – all have done us proud. My family’s faith in me and their encouragement keep me going!

My dream colleges are SRCC, St Stephen’s, Hindu, LSR

Riti Wig, DPS Noida

After completing Class 12, I was confident of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be for my further education. But that’s not how it works. Rejections are a part of these admission procedures. Initially, I crossed the first level of the much-reputed designing institutes and got rejected in a few. One good thing you can do for yourself is be prepared with a list of things you are good at. I wish to join Lady Shri Ram College, Gargi or NIFT. No, this is no hint of desperation for a university, but you cannot be relying on just one thing, ’cause there is cut-throat competition and, at times, things don’t go according to plan. This no way means you are not capable. I had always read how people went through the same conflict of giving the priority to the university or the course and now I have been myself going through the same, but the brighter side is, I know what it is! It’s the course. It’s what you want to do and not from where! Yes, the college doesn’t sound fancy enough but it is providing you with the course you want to do, and you will eventually reach where you have to with a pinch of hard work and zest for the destiny!

I wish to join Lady Shri Ram College, Gargi or NIFT

Anam Kazmi, Presentation Convent

Week after week, I find myself strolling the lanes of the campus, filling out application forms, appearing for entrance exams and facing interview panels. And here I thought that giving the Class 12 board exams would be the hardest challenge I would have to face this year! I did not take into account the endless queues, baffling OMR forms, scary interviews, dehydration and hours of shopping that I have to go through to enter the coveted corridors of Delhi University. Well, each day brings forth its own lessons and I stand corrected (albeit a little tired!). I have finally zeroed in on the two courses which interest me the most — English and political science. My dream colleges are St Stephen’s, Lady Shri Ram College and Miranda House.

St Stephen’s, Lady Shri Ram College and Miranda House top my list of favourites

Shreya Mudgil, Mount Carmel School

The words ‘your dream course’ ring bells of English honours in my mind, every single time. English fascinates me like nothing else. Three people always supported my dream and I would like to thank them whole-heartedly. My three mentors, friends and guides who helped me in keeping alive the love for English are Sukriti Kapoor (my English teacher), Grace Rachel Thomas (political science teacher at Mount Carmel School, Dwarka) and Vishnu Vardhan (my senior, who is studying English hons from Sri Venkateswara College). Coming to my dream college.. I’d say St Stephens. It could also be Miranda House, LSR, or any college that would give me a strong base for English! Filling up forms is fun. I remember being tempted towards the OMR when my elder sister filled out her forms. I just wanted to colour those bubbles with all my glitter pens! Now, of course, we had to use black or blue ball point pens. One has to be extremely careful while filling out the forms. You can’t afford to make a single mistake; it might get your form rejected! Dream college or not, I work towards getting my course! You must do the same. All the best!

I want to join St Stephen’s, Miranda House or LSR

Gargi Roy, Air Force Bal Bharti School

When I was in Class 3, I heard about Kalpana Chawla, India’s first female astronaut in space! Her profession seems almost magical. Instead of visiting countries or continents, she could actually go out of this planet! I always knew I was meant to do something extraordinary and gigantic in life. So, I aspired to be an astronaut. But as the years went by, my dream seemed like a ‘chimera.’ Hence, I settled for something close to it but realistic - an aeronautical engineer. My dream college is The Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology. I have, however, applied in DU colleges also just in case things don’t work out the way I want them too. Gargi, Miranda House, Kamala Nehru and Indraprastha College for Women are few colleges on my priority list. But I am hoping that I will definitely get into an engineering college and pursue my aim.

Gargi, Miranda House, Kamala Nehru and IP are my choices

Siddhi Goel, St Thomas School

BA English (hons) at St Stephen’s College, the name is enough to bring a wide grin on my face. Apart from its academic excellence, it offers an array of extra-curricular activities that hone your personality. But, alas, dreams quickly take the form of wishful thinking in this world of cut-throat competition, where I am told, that even with a 96.25%, I may not get admission in this coveted institution. Filling the forms of extra-curricular activities quota is another hassle. You have to carry dozens of photocopy certificates, get them attested, and yet encounter glitches at one point or the other. Amidst all this chaos, gathering certificates, speculating over whether to choose a course or college, gaping at the skyrocketing cut offs and wondering where I stand in a sea of thousands, there is something very exciting about the transition from school to college. The feeling, that I am on a stage and the spotlight is on me, beckoning me to shine.

I want to study English (hons) at St Stephen’s

First Published: Jun 19, 2012 12:25 IST