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10 foods that boost metabolism and help you lose weight fast

Weight loss foods: Here are 10 foods that will help you lose weight fast by boosting your metabolism and ensuring you burn calories faster.

fitness Updated: Jul 23, 2018 09:14 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times
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Berries, almonds and flaxseeds are some of the best foods to boost your metabolism and help in weight loss. (Shutterstock)

Your metabolism plays a huge role in determining how much weight you will lose, and how fast. If you have a slow metabolism, your weight loss will take time, irrespective of diet and exercise, as you will burn fewer calories when you are at rest. If you have a high metabolic rate, you may eat and eat but not gain weight.

If you have a slow metabolism, don’t despair. Make certain changes in your diet and incorporate certain foods to see the difference.

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* Flaxseeds:Flaxseeds is a superfood loaded with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid. It also adds fibre to your meal and makes you feel full for longer. Plus, it increases your metabolism rate and makes sure that you don’t pile on unnecessary calories.

A deficiency of vitamin D can cause a slowdown of your metabolism. Mushrooms are a rich source of Vitamin D, so include them in your diet for weight loss. ( Shutterstock )

* Berries:Eating berries can help you boost metabolism as well as regulate your blood sugar. They are also rich sources of antioxidants and fibre.

* Tofu: Along with other sources of protein, tofu can also remedy a slowdown of metabolism, and make it easier to lose weight. The best way to prevent weight gain is to eat 40% less carbohydrates after you hit 40, and instead eat proteins like dal, sprouts, eggs and tofu.

* Mushrooms: It is rich in Vitamin D. A deficiency of the vitamin can cause a slowdown of your metabolism. Get sufficient sunlight and then top it off with foods such as mushroom, fish and eggs.

* Apple cider vinegar:Apple cider vinegar is useful in increasing the amount of fat that you burn. It also enhances feelings of satiation.

Opt for interval training which can help in weight loss as well as boost your metabolism. ( Shutterstock )

* Green tea: The caffeine and catechins found in tea can boost your metabolism. Oolong and green tea are the best options, as they also increase your fat-burning ability.

* Intensive workouts: Basic cardio training won’t help you lose much weight. Instead, you must opt for interval training which can help you lose weight as well as boost your metabolism. You will consquently be burning calories long after your training session.

* Whole grains: These are tougher to digest which keeps your metabolic rate higher. Opt for brown rice, oatmeal and quinoa over processed grains and flour.

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* Avoid artificial sweeteners: Diet soda can mess with your body’s metabolic reaction to sugar and make you eat more.

* Nuts: Almonds and walnuts are loaded with monounsaturated fats which can make you feel satiated and less likely to overeat or snack later.

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First Published: Jul 23, 2018 09:13 IST