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As Delhi fines, residents rush to register for HSRP, fuel stickers

By Leena Dhankhar, Gurugram
PUBLISHED ON DEC 22, 2020 11:09 PM IST

With Delhi Police imposing 5,500 penalty on vehicles without high security registration plates (HSRP) and colour coded stickers, vehicle owners in the city are rushing to the regional transport authority office in Gurugram to fall in line with the rules.

To deal with this, the Haryana government has taken the entire process online. This has also allowed those who registered their vehicles outside the district to get the HSRP and stickers delivered to Gurugram. Alternatively, residents could go to government approved private dealers and get these markers quickly; however, this will be more costly.

“Just apply for the HSRP and colour coded stickers on, make the payment also online, track its progress and get it delivered to their nearest HSRP point. Earlier, people had to visit government offices for this, which has now been done away with,” said Ravi Bharadwaj, state head of link Utasav, the company which has a contract for installing HSRP in Haryana.

Bhardwaj said earlier they were issuing HRSP to only those vehicles which are registered in that district. In Gurugram people could have got HSRP for the vehicles registered in city only. “Now all the districts are linked under one platform and one can apply for HSRP from anywhere and get it delivered at the place of choice,” he said.

Officials said another national-level website has been launched for HSRP. “At present in Gurugram people can get HSRP for the vehicles registered in Delhi, UP and Himachal Pradesh,” he said adding that the idea is to allow people to get HSRP anywhere in the country irrespective of the place of vehicle registration.

Dhaarna Yadav, secretary Gurugram RTA, said adequate arrangements have been made for installation of HSRP. “Now process has been made online wherein people make an application for HSRP through a website, pay the fee online and track their application,” said Yadav.

Officials said those who have the HSRP plate but don’t have laser coded sticker then need to apply for the full plate and those who have the laser sticker with HSRP , they require only the colour sticker.

Blue stickers are for petrol and orange are for diesel vehicles, said officials

HSRP has become mandatory from October 2018 in view of Supreme court order and often people who migrate from one city to another for a job, faced difficulty in getting high security number plates. Delhi police has started imposing fine from the beginning of December 2020 triggering a rush among people to get HSRP not only in Delhi but also in NCR districts.

While new vehicles registered in the city, particularly those registered from beginning of 2018, come fitted with high-security registration plates, most of the older vehicles don’t have these sophisticated and tamper-proof plates.

After an order from NGT now colour coded sticker (blue sticker for petrol vehicle and red sticker for diesel vehicle) has also become mandatory. Those who are now applying for HSRP will also get colour coded stickers while those who have HSRP can apply for colour coded stickers after paying a charge online.

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