Creating positive Healing Conditions
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Creating positive Healing Conditions

Today I shall explain to you how you can create for yourself the correct healing foundations, so that your practices are truly fruitful.

india Updated: Jan 20, 2004 14:16 IST

In numerous articles on Healing Modalities I have explained how to heal oneself and others. Most of you have experienced very good results with the methods given to you. But there may be some of you who, inspite of following the procedures to the letter, are not receiving good results, especially where healing of the self is concerned. Do not give up, but try to understand that it is not the healing procedure, which is wrong, but the foundation of the conditions of healing that you have not created properly, which need correction.

Today I shall explain to you how you can create for yourself the correct healing foundations, so that your practices based on this are truly fruitful.

You can start by making a small area of your home into a temple of healing centre. Make it as beautiful as you like, by filling it with fresh flowers, incense, candles or diyas, and anything else, like crystals, pictures of your Isht-Deva etc. meditation music, or chants could also be played to add to the ambience of the place.

All these together would provide you with a peaceful healing atmosphere, as the healing angels cannot enter into a place where the harmonics consist of negative or of disturbed vibrations. Make this place a completely harmonious place, so that the moment you enter it you can feel the healing shifts begin. This happens because when the sacred healing energies of the healing angels collect here, they enclose the space with a bubble of their sacred vibrations, and these can be felt for days on end.

The next step is to enter your sacred healing space only after you have left your conscious mind outside it, just as you would leave your footwear outside a temple. Go in only with the company of your higher mind, and from that Higher Mental Point of consciousness, start the healing modality.

Immerse yourself in the energy of the place, and listen to the thought packages that the healing angels, very sweetly, murmur into your ears. Very often they will gently guide you into doing the healing in a correct manner, when you may not even realize that you have gone wrong.

Again, they may also suggest certain additional methods to complement your healings, for example they may suggest certain additional foods or exercises that would prove beneficial to you. Please honour these suggestions very seriously, and show your gratitude to the healing angels who have given them to you.

They are teaching them to you on a level which goes beyond words, please remain sensitive to any flashes of inspiration, or any so-called weird, or out of this world actions. Then allow yourself to be spontaneously drawn into doing whatever is required.

Decide what you want to upgrade, heal or regenerate, in your mind and body. Medical science is now at the threshold of discovering the unseen healing energies that are brought to us on the wings of angels. Gradually we will see these healings, conducted through sound, light and coloured wave vibrations become an integral part of our healing and rejuvenation processes.

First Published: Jan 20, 2004 14:16 IST