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Here’s looking at you

Blurred glasses could be the right antidote for our men who have made leering at women a fine art.

india Updated: Aug 13, 2012 23:38 IST

Are you from Mars? Because you look out of this world. Women irrespective of their geographical location and cultural affiliation are more than often subjected to such lame pick lines and leering looks. Of course, many of our desi men go one better than most of their compatriots across the world. They not only ogle, pass lewd remarks but also cop a feel whenever the opportunity presents itself. Now hope for Indian women comes in the form of a new discovery in the holy land. Ultra-orthodox Jews, who would rather lose a limb than succumb to the temptation of admiring women, will now wear blurred glasses which will prevent any such inclination. The anti-ogle glasses have stickers on the lens which makes them poorly focused when looking anywhere except for the space in the immediate vicinity. And they are reasonably priced.

This antidote may, however, need a little cultural alteration. One can put pictures of god and goddesses on the stickers (at least this is what we do to stop men from urinating on walls in public). And, for those who are not-so religiously inclined, the stickers can feature photos of their wives, girlfriends or partners. This great instrument of self-discipline can also be installed with sensors that will promptly sound an alert in the form of a beep, or their female partners’ pre-recorded angry message. For the hardened ogler, we could even try an image of the hockey-stick wielding Vasant Dhoble.

But, we do hope that our lads don’t use the blurred vision as an excuse to get up close to women to get a better look. That apart, it is likely that many of them will end up with serious injuries since they will not be able to negotiate their way around too well. But for the moment, unfortunately, the eyes have it in India.