US is not yet safe: White House

US claims 'some' successes in its war against terror, saying that it is a safer place now, though not yet safe enough.

india Updated: Sep 05, 2006 22:26 IST

Taking credit for its war on terror, the White House said that the country was safer now, though "not yet safe".

In its latest update on the US counter-terrorism strategy on Tuesday, the White House claimed some "successes" in its campaign against terror, stressing that it had "deprived Al-Qaeda of safe haven in Afghanistan" and it was "aggressively prosecuting the war against the terrorists in Iraq".

However, it also listed challenges ahead, namely, a more dispersed and less centralised terrorist network, the danger of another attack on US soil and terrorists' use of media to "twist US efforts in Iraq".

Moreover, "the enemy" has adjusted to US strategies and "our effective anti-terror efforts in part have forced the terrorists to evolve and modify their ways of doing business", said the 23-page terrorism strategy update.

"The enemy we face today in the war on terror is not the same enemy we faced on September 11," it said.

But "along with our partners, we will attack terrorism and its ideology and bring hope and freedom to the people of the world. This is how we will win the war on terror", said the report.

The update is the White House's latest attempt to highlight national security, a strong area for the Republicans, before the midterm elections in November.

First Published: Sep 05, 2006 22:26 IST