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Contemporary chic home: Elevate your space with these modern interior tips

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Aug 07, 2023 06:15 PM IST

Contemporary chic is the reinvention of classic home decor style. Design experts share modern interior tips to improve your home beauty

Everyone thinks of designing and decorating their homes in a way that enhances living experience significantly, while offering an unforgettable time to visitors or guests. Specifically, in India, where home is considered the ultimate heaven, people place special emphasis on how their home will appear and affect their stay.

Contemporary chic home: Elevate your space with these modern interior tips (Photo by Austin Wehrwein on Unsplash)
Contemporary chic home: Elevate your space with these modern interior tips (Photo by Austin Wehrwein on Unsplash)

Consequently, they are on the constant lookout for novel methods to raise the beauty and appeal of their home. Aren’t you? In their pursuit to implement distinctive ways to improve their home beauty, people have been attracted towards contemporary chic which is the reinvention of classic home décor style.

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It is a fresh take on time-tested fabrics and materials that maintain the glitter and sophistication of the original design. The people’s inclination towards this design has increased in the last few years and is expected to rise further in the days to come and as a result, a majority of brands that were more focused on classic style have revitalised themselves by incorporating new design trends, giving traditional furniture new colours and finishes or adding contemporary accents like brass or stainless steel.

Talking about this fast picking trend and the reason behind people’s propensity in an interview with HT Lifestyle, Niraj Johri, Founder and CEO at Casa Décor, shared, “The concept of home décor has evolved unexpectedly in the last few years. People are not only considering the beauty quotient but also the style that match and express their personality.”

Highlighting some key home décor methods and why they should be implemented, he revealed, “Homeowners can consider natural palette such as grey, beige and off-white to give a sophisticated look to walls which are an essential part of raising a home’s appearance. Further, people can think about metals such as brass and stainless steel that will bring warmth and give a colder look to home. Today, the wallpaper has emerged as a form of expression of art and is playing an instrumental role in style enhancement. This method helps in inflating the home with art, colour and texture. Homeowners should choose this proven method to give an appealing look to their home while picking art and colour as per their interest.”

In addition to these styles, contemporary chic method offers multiple other option to choose from and mirror on the wall is one of the most preferred way for homeowners. Beside raising home’s beauty, mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space where even a small space can look bigger and brighter.

Further, India’s rich artistic legacy and furniture-making skills offer homeowners a great option to elevate their home’s appearance. Speaking about how handmade products can be extremely effective in decorating homes, Aartee Roy, Chief Home and Lifestyle at Fabindia Ltd, said, “There is a timeless appeal in hand-crafted products, rooted in India’s artistic legacy. For everyone who likes their home to have a wooden aesthetic, you can add a flair to your home with a combination of carved cabinets, sleek wardrobes, Sheesham wood beds and cleanly cut dining tables with a matte finish to truly make a distinct statement. To compliment the wood, clear glass or patterned ceramic tableware will create a beautiful contrast. When it comes to bedding, going for soft cotton in light hues or a delicate design is the safest option.”

Moreover, open spaces are the beauty and integral part of contemporary homes where for instance, open-planned cooking space attached with dining room has become the popular choice today. Such open spaces need to be designed meticulously to take maximum advantage in enhancing home’s appeal while carpets and rugs can be the best choice for raising the beauty quotient of the home.

Drawing attention towards the significance of carpets and rugs, Nishith Gupta, Managing Director at Sapana Carpet-Mats, asserted, “Carpets and rugs are among the most underrated décor pieces but they can add a whole layer of personality to any space. Using any form of flooring, people can add warmth and texture to their room, as well as build the design story. In fact, contrary to popular belief, I would suggest that people should start with the selection of right rug or carpet for their home. Flooring is a work of art; it provides an opportunity to make a statement on its underside. In case of doubt or want to play safe, homeowners should stick to neutral flooring, brimming with texture. Though heavy on maintenance, neutrals inject a hint of elegance and visually elongate a room. Moreover, the shift towards softer, lighter décor elements is becoming prevalent in interior design.”

Contemporary interior design tactics can help you keep traditional design while creating modern space so, consider fusing your favourite design into a modern home, if you are renovating your lovely home. You can sit down with your interior designer and come up with a solution that maximises your living space while preserving its cosy comforts as the advantages of contemporary design have allured homeowners and the trend is expected to sustain for a long time.

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