Monsoon fitness: Easy and creative ways to walk 10,000 steps when it's raining outside

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Jul 03, 2023 10:11 AM IST

Here's how to increase your step-count while talking on phone or watching your favourite TV show while it's raining outside.

Monsoon rains bring relief from the scorching summer heat and the season is associated with chai, pakora and paper boats - all the soul-soothing things. However, incessant rains in some regions in India could make mornings dull for some people as it may not be possible to step out for a walk or the parks may be filled with water and dirt. This of course doesn't mean that there is no way to burn those extra calories accumulated by a plate of pakora or samosa. Indoor exercise can help your fitness routine stay on track. One of the ways to motivate yourself to stay fit is to count your steps. The target of 10,000 steps is usually followed by fitness enthusiasts and this could be achieved from the confines of your house. (Also read: Minimum number of steps you should walk to avoid lifestyle diseases; fitness experts reveal)

Rainy days can dampen our outdoor plans, but don't let the weather discourage you from staying active. There are several ways to get your step count up even when you're indoors.(Pixabay)
Rainy days can dampen our outdoor plans, but don't let the weather discourage you from staying active. There are several ways to get your step count up even when you're indoors.(Pixabay)

"Staying active during the monsoon is imperative, because the weather can easily tempt us to curl up and snooze. Day-to-day changes can be achieved via choices like taking the stairs versus the elevator, and remembering to walk around when on phone calls or while watching your favourite TV show. This is an easy fix to hitting your steps goal, each day. Bigger changes involve moving your workout from the outdoors to an indoor space. For runners and other athletes like those who play football or cricket, and fitness beginners alike, the monsoon is a great time to join a gym or a fitness studio and focus on strength training, stretching, recovery and increasing flexibility – which will allow you to perform stronger and better once you’re back outdoors," says Mallika Tarkas Parekh, health and wellness expert, M.S., M.P.H., Owner of Physique 57 India.

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Dr Ramniwas Gupta, Consultant, Dept of Internal Medicine, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad in an interview with HT Digital suggests ways to achieve your 10,000 steps target when it's raining outside.

1. Walk while watching a TV Show

One option is indoor walking. Simply walk in place while watching your favorite TV show, listening to music, or talking on the phone. It may not feel like you're going anywhere, but the steps will add up.

2. Dance to your favourite number

If you're looking for something more dynamic, try dancing to music or following an aerobics routine. Activities like zumba, skipping, jumping jacks, and hopping are also excellent exercises that can be done at home.

3. Walk hallways of office, apartment

Don't limit yourself to just your living room. You can explore other indoor spaces too. Consider walking the hallways of your apartment building, office complex, or a large shopping mall. These enclosed environments provide ample space for walking and help you stay dry while you clock your steps.

4. Walk the treadmill

If you have access to a treadmill or stationary bike either at home or at a gym, make use of them for indoor walking.

5. A game of badminton or table tennis

Additionally, you can engage in indoor games like table tennis, badminton, or mini golf with your family and friends. These activities not only keep you active but also add a fun element to your indoor routine.

6. Dusting and mopping

Even everyday activities like climbing up and down the stairs, dusting, and mopping can contribute to your step count. Make the most of these opportunities and keep moving throughout the day.

"Remember, the rain should not hinder you from reaching your step goal. Embrace indoor options and find ways to stay active regardless of the weather. If you're up for a more adventurous experience, put on a raincoat, grab an umbrella, and embark on a journey where every step becomes a delightful dance with nature. However, always ensure you take appropriate precautions for slippery surfaces to stay safe," concludes Dr Gupta.

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