Yoga expert reveals secrets to recover from any mental and physical trauma

Trauma can have lasting adverse effects on your mental and physical well-being but through Yoga, you can begin to build a sense of safety and find healing. Read on to learn from a Yoga expert about the secrets of using your body to recover from any mental and physical trauma
Yoga expert reveals secrets to recover from any mental and physical trauma  (Pixabay)
Yoga expert reveals secrets to recover from any mental and physical trauma  (Pixabay)
Updated on Jan 13, 2022 08:17 PM IST
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ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), trauma is an emotional or physical response to one or more harmful or life-threatening events or circumstances with lasting adverse effects on your mental and physical well-being. However, few know that through Yoga, you can begin to build a sense of safety and find healing by connecting to your mind and body in a way that feels secure.

In an exclusive interview with HT Lifestyle, Spiritual Yoga Guru Rajesh Singh Maan (or Acharya Advait Yogbhushan as he is popularly known), spilled the secrets of the human body and revealed the practice using our body systems that can help to recover from any mental and physical trauma. “These secrets are so tiny that they cannot be understood without paying keen attention to them,” he asserted.

Fuel your body with oxygen:

According to Acharya Advait Yogbhushan, we are a machine, a perfect machine that runs on natural energy and resources. “We as humans require one fuel in the first place to keep running our system, even without food or water, for several days. This fuel is oxygen," he said. 

Comparing the human body to the machines created by us that use petrol or diesel as the primary fuel to keep them running, Rajesh pointed out that along with it, many other things are required. “If there is fuel in the tank but the fuel injectors may stop working or may not work properly, then the whole engine may crash and it is the same with humans," he compared.

Rajesh added, "There is plenty of fuel out there in the atmosphere for us to inhale but what if our lungs fail to extract enough to deliver the fuel to other systems of the body, not to just keep us alive.”

Channelise the ⅔rd capacity of your lungs:

As per him, the lungs or respiration is the first system which is taken care of very well, even to have a good blood circulation in the heart or positive thinking in the brain. “Only if enough amount of oxygen is extracted by the lungs from the atmosphere and delivered to the heart, it is possible to satisfy our brain else, the brain may not function properly,” he alerted.

Rajesh stressed, “Our body is regularly getting old due to many natural forces applied to us, such as gravity. When we lose the alignment of our body with gravitational force, the aging starts happening faster than normal and we start encountering more chronic diseases than normal.”

Raising awareness about the fact that from the time of taking birth till death, we never activate the 100% capacity of our lungs, which means God or nature offers only limited ability to function as a normal human being, Rajesh highlighted the fact that we in general use only 2/3 of our lungs. He also revealed that our central nervous involuntarily fights with the friction caused by gravity and tries to shift the centre of gravity line passing through our body. 

Hence, all the major problems of the spine, digestion or reproductive system occur due to misalignment of the body with the most powerful force - gravity.

Activate the brain:

Acharya Advait Yogbhushan then revealed how the brain is constantly aware of this shift, so it keeps trying to recover the damages and uses a lot of energy in terms of secreting a great amount of pain killer, known as endorphins. “Along with it brain is trying to recover the damages and uses more energy generated by you to pump up your immunity and other recovery systems. So when the brain is busy most of the time to save you from unconscious damages, using most of the fuel, our lungs fail to deliver enough oxygen to neurons for making you creative and blissful,” he shared.

Become a meta-human:

“To become a meta-human one must focus on activating the greater number of Alveoli present in our lungs and one must learn techniques to avoid the impacts of mighty gravity on our body,” Rajesh informed. He added, “Our body is the finest pharmacy, our brain can alter and develop new genes at any age if we allow a greater supply of fuel to it.”

However, he cautioned, “Just remember inhaling with lots of pressure is not the way at all. By doing so, you are damaging your soft alveoli's.” Sharing the method to reverse the damage, Rajesh instructed, “Primary work starts from correcting the shoulders by bringing them back to the alignment so the pressure of the ribcage is reduced.”

Next, he recommended, “One must work on the intercostal muscle group to make them flexible which will allow the diagram to expand the ribcage easily without wasting extra energy. By doing so a person will start becoming divinely conscious about the rest of the functioning of the body and the mind will start going into a no-mind state where eternal peace is discovered.”

He concluded that by being aware of the above explanation and applying simultaneous practices, one can allow their most powerful brain to eradicate any physical or mental trauma and become a meta-human.


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