Lok Sabha elections 2019 LIVE updates: Prime Minister Narendra Modi promises creation of ‘Jal Shakti Ministry’ if voted to power

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to address public rallies at Sambalpur in Odisha at 11 am; Korba in Chhattisgarh at 1 pm; Bhatapara in Chhattisgarh at 3 pm and Bhubaneswar in Odisha at 6 pm. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi is to campaign in Kerala and Amit Shah is to address public meetings at Devanagere in Karnataka at 10:40 am; Tumakuru in Karnataka at 12:40 pm; Thrissur in Kerala at 4:30 pm and Aluva in Kerala at 6:30 pm.:

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07.40 pm IST

PM Modi promises creation of ‘Jal Shakti Ministry’ if voted to power

PM Narendra Modi gave assurance that if voted to power, his government would guarantee the establishment of ‘Jal Shakti Ministry’ to cater to various aspects relating to water.

07.35 pm IST

Give me five years to transform Odisha: PM Modi

Give me an opportunity to serve people of Odisha and I will show you what development is, says Modi during his public rally.

07.30 pm IST

PM Modi accuses Congress of

Congress aimed to destroy our faith, our tradition, the conspiracy was to link the Hindus of the country with militancy, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

07.26 pm IST

Oppn’s main agenda to remove Modi from power: PM Modi

Modi hatao...Modi hatao...Modi hatao... they are chanting this day and night. Nation and its development is not their agenda.

07.24 pm IST

PM Narendra Modi addresses rally in Bhubaneswar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses public rally in Bhubaneswar’s Baramunda ground.

07.09 pm IST

Not a single farmer will be arrested for not paying a bank loan after 2019 polls: Rahul Gandhi

Not a single farmer will be arrested for not paying a bank loan after the 2019 elections are finished.

07.05 pm IST

Rahul Gandhi woos young entrepreneurs, gives 3-year breather

Any youngster from Kerala who wants to start a business, will not have to take any permission from any government department for three years: Rahul Gandhi

07.00 pm IST

Narendra Modi demonetised the Indian economy: Rahul Gandhi

Brothers and sisters Narendra Modi demonetised the Indian economy, we have to re monetised the Indian economy, says Congress president Rahul Gandhi

06.56 pm IST

Will give 72,000 yearly to poor people, if voted to power: Rahul Gandhi

As soon as we come to power in 2019, 20 percent of India’s poorest people are going to get 72,000 rupees a year directly to their bank account.

06.52 pm IST

Congress targets Modi-government over GST

On top of the disaster of demonetisation, you got ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’ (GST). Five different taxes, 28 percent tax...a complex taxt system designed to destroy the lives of small and medium businesses.

06.50 pm IST

Rahul Gandhi takes a dig at BJP over demonetisation

The people of Kerala were told please stand in line, we have to fight black money. The people of Kerala were told I will give 15 lakhs rupees in you bank account. All the honest people stood in front of the banks. I didn’t see a single corrupt man standing in lines. I saw farmers, I saw shopkeepers, I saw youngsters, I did not see Anil AMbani in that line., said Rahul Gandhi.

06.48 pm IST

Congress chief addresses public meeting in Thiruvananthapuram

Congress president Rahul Gandhi targets Bharatiya Janta Party on Rafale deal.

06.14 pm IST

Modi holds roadshow in Bhubaneswar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi holds road show ahead of his public rally in Bhubaneswar’s Baramunda ground.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi waves at people on his way to Bhubaneswar’s Baramunda ground, where he is scheduled to address a rally. ( BJP Youtube/video grab )
06.10 pm IST

Amit Shah slams Congress, CPM for questioning Balakot air strikes

In Balakot our forces entered in Pakistan and attacked militants. Only Modi can do this. Now Congress and CPM are asking for evidence. They want talks. Are we supposed to talk to people who killed 40 of our brave soldiers: Amit Shah on Balakot Airstrikes.

06.05 pm IST

Amit Shah backs Sabarimala supporters, says BJP to protect believers

In Sabarimala we are with belivers. We will support your struggle till the last. We have also mentioned it in our manifesto also that we will do everything to protect believers, said Amit Shah during his Thrissur rally.

06.00 pm IST

BJP chief takes a dig at Kerala govt

Kerala witnessed it’s worst flood. Recently amicus curie held the state responsible for the tragedy. Govt has no right to continue in power. It rather invited the tragedy, said Bjaratiya Janata Party chief Amit Shah.

05.59 pm IST

Modi govt did everything for state in last 5 years, says Amit Shah

In the last five years Modi-led government did everything possible for the state. It got maximum allocation since independence: Amit Shah

05.56 pm IST

BJP party chief attacks Congress president

Rahul ‘Baba’ is running around for a tieup, says Amit shah

05.54 pm IST

BJP national president Amit Shah addresses rally in Thrissur

It is a fight to give another chance to Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Amit shah

3:55 pm IST

‘They have labelled a whole community as thieves’: PM Modi in Bhatapara

“These people are crossing limits daily, according to them, anyone whose name is Modi is a thief, what kind of politics is this? They have labelled a whole community as thieves only to get some applause, just to insult your ‘chowkidar’,” said PM Narendra Modi in Chhattisgarh’s Bhatapara.

3:50 pm IST

‘State pocketed fund allotted to children, pregnant women’: PM Modi

“The fund that was allotted for the poor children and pregnant women, has been pocketed by the state government here. Will you not punish the government for committing such a crime?” said PM Modi.

3:40 pm IST

‘Your chowkidar trying to provide houses to all’:PM Modi in Bhatapara

“Your chowkidar is trying to provide proper houses to everybody. However, the ‘namdaars’ are busy living in big bunglows. They are all corrupt,” says PM Modi during his public meet in Chhattisgarh’s Bhatapara.


3:12 pm IST

‘If Cong is ‘mahamilawat’, what’s an alliance of 38 parties?’: Akhilesh Yadav

“If an alliance of three parties is ‘mahamilawat’ then we want to ask them, what do we call your alliance which has 38 parties from across the country? Do suggest us a name,” SP chief Akhilesh Yadav said in Agra.


2:55 pm IST

Amit Shah holds road show in Tumakuru

BJP president Amit Shah holds a road show in Tumakuru, Karnataka. :ANI


2:40 pm IST

Amit Shah prays for electoral victory of PM Modi

BJP President Amit Shah offered prayers at Siddaganga mutt in Tumakuru. The prayers were conducted for ‘the electoral victory of PM Narendra Modi.’ :ANI


2:25 pm IST

‘Congress encouraging naxals’: PM Modi in Korba

“When I came here during assembly elections, I had brought the statements of Congress leaders to your attention. Congress was calling naxals as revolutionaries. Today, incidents happening here are because of encouragement to naxals by Congress,” said PM Modi during his rally in Chhattisgarh’s Korba. :ANI

2:20 pm IST

‘BJP working for people, Congress hampering growth’: PM Modi

“We want to expand our schemes. By 2022, all families that do not have their own ‘pakka’ houses, will get one. All houses will have electricity, gas connection and water. Unlike Congress, which is hampering the implementation of center’s schemes, BJP will work for the farmers and the common people,” said PM Modi.

2:10 pm IST

‘State govt not letting PM Kisan Yojana’s benefit reach farmers’: PM Modi

“PM Kisan Yojana aims to ensure that Chhattisgarh’s 35 lakh farmer families get benefited from the scheme. But the state government has not taken steps to provide us with a proper list of farmers,” said PM Modi during his speech in Korba.

2:03 pm IST

‘Why are naxal attacks taking place?’: PM in Chhattisgarh

“I pay my respects to Bheema Mandavi (BJP leader) and the four PSOs who lost their lives in Dantewada naxal attack. It is unfortunate that the attack took place in an area where presence of naxals had reduced. Question is why did the attack happen?” said PM Modi during his rally in Chhattisgarh’s Korba.


1:20 pm IST

BS Yeddyurappa’s luggage checked by EC flying squad

Election Commission’s flying squad checked the luggage of former Karnataka Chief Minister and BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa at the helipad in Shivamogga.


1:17 pm IST

‘Want to learn from your wisdom’, Rahul Gandhi tells people of Kerala

“Another selfish reason I wanted to contest from here was because I wanted to benefit from the wisdom of the people of Kerala. I will learn from the interactions I have with people here,” said Rahul Gandhi while concluding his speech at Kerala’s Pathanamthitta .

1:14 pm IST

‘Will extend all help to Kerala after we come to power’: Rahul Gandhi

“This area was specially affected by the recent floods. At a time like this, the government should attend to people with care. When we come to power in 2019, we will do everything that we can do to improve the situation,” said Rahul Gandhi.

1:10 pm IST

‘Will spend 6% of GDP on education’: Rahul Gandhi

“Privatisation of education and healthcare is rampant nowadays. Our government is going to use public money to build solid healthcare and education institutions. The PM has decreased the amount of money India spends on education and that is a shame. We will spend 6% of the country’s GDP on education,” said Rahul Gandhi in Kerala.

1:05 pm IST

‘Farmers will get a separate budget’: Rahul Gandhi

“There will be a national budget and there will be a separate farmer budget . The farmer budget will cover all issues pertaining to farmers. We will tell them what the government of India is going to do in the upcoming years for them. We will tell them upfront what the government will do for the rubber industry. Will tell them what amount will be spent on technology and compensation. We will tell them how much MSP they will get,” said Rahul Gandhi at his rally.

12:55 pm IST

‘We will rebuild life through remonetisation’: Rahul Gandhi

“We will simplify tax regime and pump in the money. Demonetisation destroyed your life, we will help you rebuild it through remonetisation,” said Rahul Gandhi at his Pathanamthitta rally.

12:50 pm IST

‘You’re the engine of India’s growth’: Rahul Gandhi tells middle class

“We’ll not take a single rupee for the Nyay scheme from your pockets. You are the engine of India’s growth,” Rahul Gandhi told the middle class people of the nation.

12:45 pm IST

‘UPA gave 88.5 crore, NDA 3.88 lakh crore to Karnataka’: Amit Shah

“Congress led UPA govt gave only 88,583 crore to Karnataka under the 13th Finance Commission. However, BJP led NDA govt allocated 3.88 lakh crore under the 14th Finance Commission,” said Amit Shah in Davanagere.


12:40 pm IST

‘Many promises unfulfilled under BJP regime’: Rahul Gandhi

“In the last five years, the BJP ran the country and we heard so many promises. All of them remained unfulfilled,” said Congress chief Rahul Gandhi in Pathanamthitta.

12:30 pm IST

Amit Shah addresses public meeting in Davanagere, Karnataka

BJP national chief Amit Shah addresses his first public meeting of the day at Davanagere in Karnataka.


12:25 pm IST

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore files his nomination from Jaipur

Union Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore files his nomination from Jaipur parliamentary constituency for Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Yog guru Ramdev and Rathore’s wife Gayatri Rathore were also present. :ANI


11:57 am IST

‘Center provides benefits, state takes credit’: PM in Odisha

“The state government should give credit to the center for releasing funds for the state. Suppose your son sends a gift from Delhi, do you credit him for it or the postman?” PM Modi said in Sambalpur.

11:53 am IST

‘Need to change corrupt State government’: PM Modi to people of Odisha

“As part of district mineral fund, 6,000 crore was given to the Odisha government to build hospitals, provide clean drinking water to all residents and build schools. However, the money is being misused. Only 1,000 crore were spent. The rest of them are lying untouched and the people are facing trouble,” said PM Modi.


11:50 am IST

‘Ministry for water will be set up to help Odisha’s farmers’: PM Modi

“A separate ministry for water will be set up at the center in order to ensure that the rainwater is harvested and diverted towards the agricultural fields of Odisha’s farmers. This would mean the problem of scarcity of water for irrigation will be solved,” said PM Modi at his rally in Sambalpur.

11:45 am IST

‘State government did not submit full list of farmers to center’: PM in Odisha

“Farmers are not getting the benefits meant for them because the state government has not sent the full list of farmers to the center. After we get re-elected this year, all farmers will get the money that is meant for them” said PM Modi in Odisha rally.

11:40 am IST

‘You have seen a helpless, corrupt government before BJP’: PM

“Previously, nobody raised voice against terrorism. You have seen a helpless, corrupt government before the present government. It managed to do corruption in every field,” said PM Modi in Odisha.


11:33 am IST

‘We are open to conversation, will not force our ideology on you’: Rahul

“We are open to hearing your voice, incorporating your views. We are open to conversation, will not force our ideology on you. We understand that without your voice, our county is meaningless. We know how intelligent , how profound your voice is,” said Rahul Gandhi.

11:25 am IST

‘Not fighting against anyone, fighting for the people’: Prakash Raj

Prakash Raj, who is contesting from Bengaluru Central LS seat as an independent candidate,says, “I’m not fighting against anyone.I’m fighting for the people. It’s we who are the majority. In democracy,if you choose the right leader, people win, if you choose wrong leader, people lose.”


11:20 am IST

‘I want to give a message to south by contesting from here’: Rahul Gandhi

“I normally fight the election from Amethi in north India but this time I chose to give a message to south India by fighting from Kerala,” said Rahul Gandhi at his public rally in Kollam.

11:15 am IST

‘India not one perspective, it’s millions of viewpoints’: Rahul Gandhi

“Because I wanted to give a message that India is not just one perspective, India is not just one idea, India is million & millions of different viewpoints, different perspectives and all of those are important to us,” Congress President Rahul Gandhi in Kollam. :ANI

11:10 am IST

‘PM has not fulfilled one promise’: Rahul Gandhi

“Prime Minister has not supported cashew growers. How many of you can raise your hand and say you got employment because of Narendra Modi? How many of you got 15 lakh in your accounts?” says Rahul Gandhi in Kerala’s Kollam.

11:07 am IST

‘Will use love to convince you that you are wrong’: Rahul Gandhi

“As PM said ‘Congress mukt Bharat’, meaning we’ll erase idea of Congress from India.What Congress says to Narendra Modi is we don’t agree with you.We’ll fight you to convince you, you’re wrong. We’ll beat you in the election but we won’t use violence against you,” said Rahul Gandhi. :ANI

11:05 am IST

Congress President Rahul Gandhi addresses meet in Kerala

Congress President RahulGandhi addresses a public meeting at Kerala’s Pathanapuram. :ANI


10:55 am IST

SC refuses to consider Mayawati’s plea against EC’s 48 hour ban

The Supreme Court has refused to consider Mayawati’s plea against the Election Commission’s 48 hour ban on campaigning.

10:40 am IST

Rajnath Singh to file nomination papers from Lucknow

“Today I will file my nomination papers from Lucknow parliamentary constituency. I seek the support and blessings of the people to continue working for them and realise Shri Atalji’s dream of making Lucknow a world class city,” tweeted Rajnath Singh.


10:35 am IST

Ramanathapuram gears up for free, fair elections

Preparations are underway for Lok Sabha elections in Ramanathapuram parliamentary constituency; District Collector says, “we are fully prepared to conduct free and fair elections.” :ANI


10:30 am IST

Azam Khan reacts over ban by EC

“I have not said anything demeaning against the BJP candidate. I will send a written explanation to the Election commission and National Commission for Women regarding my statement...This order will not affect my voters because they know the truth...BJP Candidate on many instances has called me a shaitan but no action has been taken(against her) probably because (she is) not Muslim,” Azam Khan said.

10:27 am IST

Azam Khan barred by EC from campaigning for 72 hours

Over poll code violation, Azam Khan was barred by the Election Commission from campaigning for 72 hours, and Maneka Gandhi was barred for 48 hours.

10:25 am IST

Rahul Gandhi to address four rallies in Kerala

Congress president Rahul Gandhi is going to address four rallies in Kerala. The first rally was scheduled to be held at 9:15 am in Kollam. The second rally was scheduled at 11 am in Pathanamthitta, third at 1:15 pm in Kottayam, and fourth at 3 pm in Alappuzha.

10:12 am IST

PM to campaign in Odisha, Chhattisgarh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to address public rallies at Sambalpur in Odisha at 11 am; Korba in Chhattisgarh at 1 pm; Bhatapara in Chhattisgarh at 3 pm and Bhubaneswar in Odisha at 6 pm.

10:00 am IST

Amit Shah to address public meetings in Karnataka, Kerala

As part of his election campaign, Amit Shah is going to address public meetings at Devanagere in Karnataka at 10:40 am; Tumakuru in Karnataka at 12:40 pm; Thrissur in Kerala at 4:30 pm and Aluva in Kerala at 6:30 pm.

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