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Make a fresh start this Women’s Day

One of best gifts you could give the women in your life is the promise of good health. Here are five delicious and wholesome ways you can add to her happiness and wellbeing.

Brand stories Updated: Mar 14, 2017 16:08 IST
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Gone are the days when household chores could be strictly divided between men and women. The typical Indian family nowadays features a whirlwind of activity: moms rushing out for meetings, dads dropping the kids to the bus before work, and teenagers helping out with dinner or grocery shopping when the parents are working late, all in perfect synergy.

Unfortunately, if there’s any one casualty of the modern Indian family structure, it’s more often than not the woman managing it all. Despite balancing demanding careers both at office and at home, mothers and wives always ensure that the nutrition needs of the entire family are met. But, busier schedules also mean that she doesn’t have the luxury of paying the same amount of attention to herself. Unbalanced diets can lead to harmful deficiencies, and women are particularly susceptible to these due to their varied nutritional requirements. For example, normal adult females require 600mg calcium daily, wherein during period of pregnancy, lactation etc. there is an additional need for calcium, up to 1200 mg. However, many women fall short of these requirements in their daily diet, thus paving the way for osteoporosis and other bone ailments later on in life. Moreover, it’s fairly common for the ladies of the house to put their own health concerns on the backburner, even as they ensure that the family is well-fed and healthy.

Which is why, we think that this Women’s Day is as good a time as any for the men to step up and don a few extra roles. Take the occasion to indulge the ladies in your life with wholesome and fresh range of dairy goodness, which not only translate into delicious meals but also ensure her long-term health, happiness and well-being.

Here are five delicious ways to show your care.

Say it with paneer: You would be surprised at the amount of goodness packed into the humble paneer. Apart from being rich in calcium, paneer is highly nutritious as it contains in concentrated form almost all proteins and fat along with essential minerals and vitamins. Best of all, paneer does not always require complicated cooking – you can serve it in salads, on toasts, or as stir fries, for a special treat.

Curd for all: There’s a reason our moms and grandmoms insisted that we grab some curd with our meals – it contains calcium, phosphorus and B-vitamins; with the calcium and phosphorus content of curd being more easily assimilated. A versatile food, curd can be used across a variety of Indian curries, as well as eaten after food to aid digestion. Summer, especially, is the perfect season for adding more curd to your family’s diet, since it cools the body down efficiently.

Lassi on the go: Luckily, dairy brands like Mother Dairy, with their extensive range of dairy products, have made it possible for us to get our yogurt needs even while we’re on the move. Stock the house with a range of plain or flavoured lassis, packs of buttermilk / chach, or flavoured milkshakes and sneak one into her bag or lunch box to ensure that she gets a refreshing, happy, and healthy surprise. These make for a great alternative to unhealthy carbonated drinks, and are great for boosting energy during the hardest parts of the day.

Immunity-boosting probiotic love: Probiotic curd is considered a super food due to its many advanced benefits: it boosts the immune system, supports healthy digestion, and increases bone density. Ensure that the woman in your life gets her daily immune-boosting shot with Mother Dairy’s range of probiotic drinks and curd, which come enriched with fiber and BB-12 bacteria; best of all, they’re hygienically packed and easy to carry through the day.

Desserts for happiness: Sweet-somethings are the ultimate expression of love, but you get even more brownie points for choosing desserts that come with health benefits. If the rich and creamy mishti doi is what she loves, opt for a 100% natural, preservative-free option from Mother Dairy. Alternatively, celebrate the day with the fruity goodness of Mother Dairy yoghurt, available in the rich flavours of mango, blueberry, and raspberry. Combining the benefits of curd with real fruit, they make for healthy snacks on their own, as well as a sumptuous ending to happy, family meals.

As every new generation of women continues to redefine the art of multi-tasking, it’s time for men to #beherstrength and ensure that their health and well-being does not take a setback. An excellent, effortless, and reliable way to do this is through Mother Dairy’s extensive range of quality milk and milk products, which are not only delicious, but packed with the care and goodness of a mother’s love.

First Published: Mar 08, 2017 12:12 IST