How to make a healthy sandwich that everyone in your family will love

Updated on Nov 16, 2018 03:49 PM IST

The delectable snack packs in vegetables, as well as Nutralite Veg Mayo, which is high on nutrients.

Fortified with vitamins A, D & E to meet 30% of our daily vitamin requirements, Nutralite is the perfect way to make this sandwich even more delicious.(Nutralite)
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Reservation in promotion: The road ahead

A major contradiction that might give rise to further litigation is the observation of the Supreme Court in identifying all SCs and STs as the most backward among the backward, but at the same time creating a creamy layer within them.

(Getty Images)
Updated on Nov 22, 2018 04:38 PM IST

“The mantra for happiness” – Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

The renowned Vedic astrologer says that our horoscopes hold the key to assessing our miseries.

Dr Vinay Bajrangi, a PhD scholar in Vedic Astrology, says that every horoscope has negative doshas and positive yogas, but their effects depend on how we deactivate or activate them through our karmas.(Vinay Bajrangi)
Updated on Oct 10, 2018 02:59 PM IST

“From Zero to Hero, and Hero to Zero” – Reading your horoscope right

The planetary positions in your horoscope do not exclusively determine your destiny, explains Dr Vinay Bajrangi, renowned Vedic astrologer.

The planetary positions in your horoscope do not exclusively determine your destiny.(Vinay Bajrangi)
Updated on Sep 11, 2018 04:07 PM IST

Change is the need of hour: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

We need to change some of our basic traits if we’re to realize true happiness in life.

(Vinay Bajrangi)
Updated on Aug 07, 2018 02:51 PM IST

Change is the need of hour: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

We need to change some of our basic traits if we’re to realize true happiness in life.

(Dr. Vinay Bajrangi)
Updated on Aug 07, 2018 02:29 PM IST

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi explains how to give your business a complete turnaround

The noted Vedic astrologer says that running an enterprise with profit depends on factors which always remain unaccounted.

Updated on Jun 12, 2018 10:54 AM IST

What everybody ought to know about running a business, astrologically: Dr.Vinay Bajrangi

Statistics show that 50% of businesses wind up in their first year of their operation. Noted astrologer Dr. Vinay Bajrangi explains how entrepreneurs can save themselves from complications, and achieve success.

(Vinay Bajrangi)
Updated on May 11, 2018 03:58 PM IST

“Upskill yourself now or get left behind”

World Bank data estimates that 69% of today’s jobs in India are threatened by automation. Varun Dhamija, VP – Pearson Professional Programs discusses how working professionals can upgrade their skills through the right courses.

In conversation with Varun Dhamija, VP – Pearson Professional Programs(Pearsons)
Published on Apr 18, 2018 03:55 PM IST

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi explains the case of the vanishing Yogas

Learn how the positivity of the good Yogas in a horoscope can be achieved, and the ills disturbing these Yogas can be balanced out.

(Vinay Bajrangi)
Published on Apr 13, 2018 02:51 PM IST

‘Language proficiency is essential for your dream to work or study abroad.’

A vital pre-requisite in all companies and educational institutions is proof of English language proficiency. Therefore, all aspirants should take a language test to learn the right kind of skills, says Vikas Singh, Managing Director, Pearson India.

Vikas Singh, Managing Director of Pearson India, a leading education company, discusses the importance of English language proficiency for all those planning to work or study abroad.(Pearson India)
Updated on Apr 26, 2018 10:47 AM IST

Snack your way to good health

Looking to satiate those mid-meal hunger pangs? Dig into an apple, as it provides 20% of the daily recommended value of dietary fibre, along with a host of other benefits.

(Washington Apples)
Updated on Apr 04, 2018 03:35 PM IST

“Use the negative yogas to your advantage” – Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

Transform your negative doshas into positive yogas through karma correction. Experienced Vedic astrologer, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, tells us how.

Updated on Mar 20, 2018 10:43 AM IST

Gala, Fuji, or Red Delicious: What’s your pick?

Dig into Washington Apples, which are known for their juicy and crisp taste.

The apples differ in their sweetness (refer to the sweetness meter) and taste but they are all fantastic to eat.(Washington Apples)
Updated on Mar 16, 2018 11:39 AM IST

Reasons Why Insurance Claims May Get Rejected

If there is even the slightest discrepancy in the information that the policyholder has provided, the insurer will be well within it’s right to reject any claim that is raised under the policy.

Updated on Feb 28, 2018 01:31 PM IST

Tips to protect your car from vehicle theft

It is crucial to ensure that your dream car has adequate safety features, including an anti-theft device and alarm, which can protect it from being stolen.

Updated on Feb 27, 2018 01:59 PM IST

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: The astro master-key to all fate locks

As per Indian Vedic astrology, it is not the ritual but the change of one’s karma or approach that adds positivity to life.

(Dr Vinay Bajrangi)
Updated on Feb 14, 2018 05:07 PM IST

Be financially wise: Tips for increasing credit limit

The effective management of a credit limit is crucial for establishing a better credit score and staying out of dues.

Updated on Feb 14, 2018 05:12 PM IST

5 ways to rebuild poor credit in a short time

A low or poor credit score not only leaves a negative impact on one’s overall financial health, but also reduces the probabilities of acquiring a low-interest rate on loans.

Updated on Feb 14, 2018 05:13 PM IST

7 things to consider before buying health insurance for your parents

It is not always wise to opt for the cheapest policy, as it could have lesser coverage. Further, when selecting an insurance company, you should pick one that has a wide network of hospitals.

A sick elderly staying at a hospital(Pexels)
Updated on Feb 14, 2018 05:14 PM IST

Why you should never max out your credit card

Keeping a low credit balance will not only improve your credit score and increase your eligibility for a new card, but also reduce the risk for lenders to sanction your loans.

Updated on Feb 14, 2018 05:15 PM IST

Factors affecting personal loan interest rates

Did you know that your eligibility for a personal loan is directly dependent on your annual income? Working for a comparatively renowned organisation also helps.

(The Blue Diamond Gallery)
Updated on Feb 14, 2018 05:16 PM IST

Tax-saving instruments to include in your investment portfolio

It is best to start investing during the first quarter of the financial year. This way, you will have enough time to get the maximum tax savings.

Updated on Feb 14, 2018 05:17 PM IST

Life insurance: How to choose the right policy

While opting for life insurance, it’s important to know what would affect your premiums and what wouldn’t. This way, you can get lower premiums for better coverage.

Updated on Feb 14, 2018 05:18 PM IST

Money mantra: Things to keep in when purchasing insurance online

Since purchasing insurance is a significant financial decision, it is recommended that you educate yourself about the various types of insurance plans in the market to help you find the right policy.

Updated on Feb 14, 2018 05:19 PM IST

It’s never too late: How to apply for a home loan after 60

Co-applying for a home loan with an earning person will increase a pensioner’s eligibility in availing it.

Updated on Feb 14, 2018 05:20 PM IST

Shop smart: 7 incredible ways to maximise credit card reward points

Choosing a credit card that suits your lifestyle is the first and foremost step to ensure that you make the best of reward plans.

Updated on Feb 14, 2018 05:20 PM IST

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi explains how astrology can be taken to the next level of perfection

The proper application of astrology of ‘jyotish’ can enable an individual to transform his or her future by practising positive ‘karma’ or actions.

(Vinay Bajrangi)
Updated on Feb 14, 2018 05:21 PM IST

Proceed with caution: If you’re thinking of switching your car insurance company, read this

When choosing a new insurer, opt for one which has a well set-up claim settlement process, a widespread network of partner garages for cashless repairs, and a well-established customer support system.

Updated on Feb 14, 2018 05:22 PM IST

Home loan balance transfer-- Is it worth your consideration?

A home loan balance transfer will help you save money and avail loads of other benefits. But, you need to exercise a bit of caution before opting for it in order to get the best out of it.

Updated on Feb 14, 2018 05:23 PM IST
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