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Personal Agenda: Dipannita Sharma

What does Dipannita Sharma love about Bollywood? What is the one role she wish she could have played and what is her mantra for success. Find out all this and much more about the actor.

brunch Updated: Feb 25, 2012 19:42 IST
Mignonne Dsouza
Mignonne Dsouza
Hindustan Times

The one thing you love about Bollywood?
I just love the way people all over the world react to the name BOLLYWOOD!

One role you wish you had played?Angelina Jolie’s in Tomb Raider.

Your mantra for success?
I don’t think there’s one. Success comes if you work towards it.

Your favourite holiday destination?
I love Greece. Or for that matter, any beach destination.

What would we find in your fridge right now?
Cooked dal and chicken curry, chocolates, peach juice, peanut butter and brown bread.

Dipannita Sharma

If you were an ice-cream, which flavour would you be?

Dark Belgian chocolate.

The one hero/heroine from a book or movie you’d love to meet in real life?
My favourite hero is Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Good looking, hardly talks, but when he does, oh boy, intense and hot as hell!

The song that always lifts your spirits?
Chodo kal ki baatein kal ki baat purani.

One thing about you that isn’t generally known?
I love dancing to chaloo Hindi film numbers like a complete lukkha.

One thing you love about your husband?
That he, in the true sense of the word, GETS me.

The best part of being a Miss India contestant?
You learn how to be politically correct.

The exercise routine that scares you?
Lunges and squats. Phew!

The one misconception about the North East you’d like to dispel?
That everyone from the North East eats anything that moves.

What does your name mean?
Dipannita means ‘the one who brings light.’ In Assam, the first day of Diwali (Chhoti Diwali) is called Dipannita. I was born on that day.

For a romantic meal, you would make...
Actually, I’ve never thought romance and food could go hand in hand. If I’m eating, my entire concentration is on the food. So for a romantic evening, food should be the last thing on my mind...

The last line of your autobiography would read?
Autobiography! Wow! That’s a long way down the line. Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

I would Go back to my school/college days. Those really were the days... I would Spend more time with my parents.I live in Mumbai and they are in Assam, it’s really difficult. I would like to be able to fly.I’m an ardent traveller and it would be so much easier.

Sun sign

Holy Child School
(Guwahati); Indraprastha College, Delhi University



First break
The film, 16 December (2002)

High pointof your life
Currently with two back-to-back film releases and my new role as an entrepreneur

Low point of your life
I really hope that phase never comes

Currently doing
Taking care of my yacht venture with my husband and awaiting the release of my film Jodi Breakers

From HT Brunch, February 26

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First Published: Feb 24, 2012 17:01 IST