Professionals, tired of working from home, are now venturing to pubs to enjoy a drink alongside work.
Professionals, tired of working from home, are now venturing to pubs to enjoy a drink alongside work.

Covid-19 Unlock: #WFH is now #WFP ie Work From Pub

#WFH has been mentally draining and exhausting for almost everyone. Tapping on this, restaurants in Delhi-NCR are offering their spaces to working professionals with deals on food, free Wi-Fi, some exclusive pods, and corporates are loving the idea.
Hindustan Times | By Naina Arora, New Delhi
UPDATED ON SEP 26, 2020 03:10 PM IST

Bored with #WFH? Fret not, as pubs and bars in Delhi-NCR are offering #WorkFromPub where you can enjoy beers, offers on food, and chill even while you’re working. “Actually one of the guests asked us if he could bring his laptop because he’s just bored at home from the past six months, wants a nice music in the background, and wanted to work here. I said, ‘Why not?’ He was there from 1pm till 10pm, wherein he worked till 7pm, and even watched an IPL match with us. He was so happy after it, and brought more friends along the next day. They work on different tables, and in between work order a mug of beer, and food as well,” says Sandeep Pundir, general manager, Manhattan Bar & Brewery, Gurugram.

“We provide guests, who want to work here, with a meal plus beverage deal at a very nominal price during their work hours. Also, to ensure social distancing, we give them separate tables, at a distance. They can bring their laptops and we have a provision of high speed Wi-Fi. They can work for as long as they want to,” says Sahil Sambhi from Molecule.

Taking it one step further is restauranteur Priyank Sukhija shares that Dragonfly Experience, Aerocity, Delhi is all set to have special pods. “It’ll have tables which are fully enclosed in a pod. You just go inside and you’re surrounded on all four sides. This one is actually your own cubicle. Each pod can hold about eight to 12 people,” he says.

And there are offers, too, to enjoy drinks along work. Priyanshi Dhir, owner, Pablo in Gurugram, says, “We are giving away a one plus one offer on our super delicious coffees from 1pm to 5pm everyday to make sure that you get your daily dose of caffein, just the way you like it. You know what’s the best part? We are also giving y’all free Wi-Fi. So, pack your laptops, put on your masks and get that much needed break with us!”

Special pods created at Dragonfly Experience, Aerocity.
Special pods created at Dragonfly Experience, Aerocity.

Some like Aman Puri, food director at Duty Free-Vayu Bar in Gurugram, wants corporates to get a change in “vibe” when they visit the place, and have launched a co-working concept for the same. Puri explains, “It’s been six months that people have been locked in their houses and are working from home. So, to break the monotony and bring back some fun along with the usual work, we have launched a co-working concept called ‘Duty Se Free’ wherein we are inviting professionals to come and work from our restaurants for change of scene and vibe. Low music levels, free WiFi, on-the-house stationery, facility to print or xerox, and to top it all, a flat 20% discount (on food) are a few things that we are providing to help professionals cope up with this new normal.”

Needless to say, corporates are going gaga over this new trend in town. Shiva Sai, who works for an MNC, is one such who is loving the idea of #WorkFromPub. He recently started working out of a pub, and says, “Lockdown has taken a toll on our mindset; and I wanted a change. These pubs and bars that are offering such deals are decently quiet, play mild music and spacious as well. From the hygiene perspective they are well maintained in all aspects, and have sanitisation at the door, counter, and on demand! I have started taking my laptop and go to one of the bars near my house at around 1.30pm every oterh day, and I get to work peacefully, quietly. And, if I need anything to eat, I have plenty of options to munch on. This way you get a change and see people around you, coming or going, and that rejuvenates you. It has helped me in Covid times. My friends have joined me once or twice, but yes, it will take time for people to change their mindset and be convinced about the hygiene when visiting any such place.”

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