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Decoding body language

Your body gives out subtle hints about your personality. Chitra Jha interprets the unspoken

education Updated: Dec 15, 2010 09:19 IST
Chitra Jha
Chitra Jha
Hindustan Times

Body language is the unspoken communication we use in our face-to-face encounter with people. Communication experts tell us that our words convey only 7% of our thoughts and feelings; the rest is conveyed by our body language. Body language makes or mars our chances in job interviews, networking, and social meetings.

While it is important to be aware of our own body’s communication, we can use our knowledge of body language to decipher what others are conveying without saying anything.

Here’s what you should know about body language:
. Notice the distance the other person is keeping from you. If he is too close, he is pushy or in your face. If too far away, he is aloof, distant and standoffish
. Watch the angle of his body. If he is friendly and interested in you, his body will lean towards you. If he is leaning backwards, he is cold and unfriendly
. If his arms are crossed over his chest, he is defensive and wants you to stay away
. If his eyes look into your eyes, he respects you and is interested in what you are saying. If he is looking down, he is either shy or deceitful. He may be lying to you. If he is looking at his watch or
thinking of what to say next, he is not interested in your talk
. If his head is levelled, he is confident and knows his importance. If his head is tilting to one side he is friendly and interested in you
. If his lips are pursed or twisted, he is either thinking carefully about what you said or disagrees with you but is holding back his comment
. If his hands are fiddling with something, he is nervous
. If he is continuously shuffling from one leg to the other, he is impatient

The author is a life-skills coach, time-line therapist, and new consciousness writer. Contact: chitrajhaa@

First Published: Dec 14, 2010 10:47 IST