Deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia. (Ajay Aggarwal /HT Photo)
Deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia. (Ajay Aggarwal /HT Photo)

Entrepreneurship Curriculum helped students grow family biz in lockdown: Sisodia

Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum helped students grow family biz during lockdown: Sisodia
PTI | , New Delhi
PUBLISHED ON APR 11, 2021 12:16 PM IST

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has said that several students of Delhi government schools helped to grow their family businesses based on their learning from the Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC).

Delivering a keynote address at the Ashoka University's Entrepreneurship Education Conference, Sisodia said that there was a need to develop "an entrepreneurial mindset in our students in a way that they can contribute to their economy".

"I went to one school to ask whether EMC has helped them, one student said that after attending entrepreneurship classes, she was able to help her father by making an online marketing system for mobile repairing work. One student, inspired by Krishna Yadav, a pickle-chef, helped her mom to start two food stalls," Sisodia said.

He added that another student used the seed money given by the Delhi government to make Bluetooth speakers and named it "Speak techs".

"These are the success stories of our children, and this is how we need to inspire our youth and change mindsets. Students graduating from our Delhi government schools have started business in handicrafts, in technology and various other ventures," he added.

The Delhi education minister to become a developed nation, the students need to become job providers, and not job-seekers.

"We have learned that there are developed, developing and under-developed nations... If we don't work on instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in our students, we will continue to be a job-seeker country, and never reach the place of a developed nation. EMC is a big intervention and I hope everyone joins us in empowering our students to become job-providers," he said.

The Entrepreneurship Education Conference was organised by Ashoka University's InfoEdge Centre for Entrepreneurship and includes themes of Entrepreneurship Research, Edtech & Entrepreneurship, Teaching Pedagogy and Policy Support.

Sisodia said that the ECM, which focuses on enhancing the entrepreneurial mindset of the students, has enabled them to "apply, challenge and innovate".

"Students learn skills and practice mindfulness which encourages them to dream big, try new and challenging goals. EMC includes various unique activities for students to think critically, whether it is by doing field work or interacting with eminent entrepreneurs live," he added.

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