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A question of health

This book provides tips on taking charge of chronic pain and living an active, productive and comfortable life.

india Updated: Apr 20, 2006 18:46 IST

Mayo Clinic on Chronic Pain
Editor: Jeffrey Rome, M.D.
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
Pages: 208
Price: Rs 250
ISBN: 81-222-0417-1

What is pain? Pain is a universal experience. We all feel it, whether it's the sharp, stabbing pain of a twisted ankle of the deep, throbbing pain of a headache that won't quit. Pain knows no age limit - it affects us from infancy through old age.

When pain persists beyond the time expected for an injury to heal or an illness to end, it can become a chronic condition. No longer is the pain viewed as just the symptom of another disease, but as illness unto itself. This type of pain is commonly referred to as chronic pain.

Chronic pain is a major cause of distress, despair and disability around the world. It affects men, women and children in all walks of life. Chronic pain may involve a specific region of your body, such as your head or lower back, or it can affect your entire body as it does with the generalised pain disorder called fibromyalgia.

Chronic pain is by its very nature a long-term health problem for most people who have it. Many treatments are available, some of which are well-researched, safe and effective. Other available treatments have not been thoroughly tested, may not be widely accepted or may have significant risks and side-effects.

This easy-to-understand book provides what you need to know to take charge of chronic pain and live a more active, productive and comfortable life. It details:

Causes of chronic pain

Cycles of chronic pain

Exercises that build strength and improve movement

Comprehensive glossary

Latest on pain medications

Complementary and alternative therapies

Getting the support you need

New techniques for pain treatment

Setting SMART goals

The role of spirituality

Tips on getting a good night's sleep

Controlling your emotions

Not only does this book provide detailed insights and tips for treatment, but it also explains - with excellent diagrams - the way a chronic pain develops.

 Normal human spine
Spine showing signs of osteoarthritis