AIDS: Do's and Dont's
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AIDS: Do's and Dont's


india Updated: Dec 13, 2003 12:55 IST

You cannot get HIV by interacting with an HIV+ person. So behave with them as you had done earlier. There are many ways in which you can help out.

How you can help:

·Do not discriminate against an HIV+ person. As stigma is the main effect of the disease, do not alienate them for being
·Provide support - as a part of the family or as a friend.
·Do not hinder them at their workplace. As long as they are physically fit, they can continue their usual schedules.
·Try to reduce their stress.
·Urge them to continue to their usual exercise regimen.
·If you play a role in looking after food, try to ensure a high protein ands vitamin diet.
·Encourage them to consult doctors and follow the prescribed treatment.
·Register them with a AIDS care facility.
·Discourage them from experimenting with recreational drugs or indulging in addictions like tobacco.
·Use disinfectants and dispose bandages carefully.
·Encourage safe sex ie usage of condoms, even if both partners are HIV+.
·Educate others about how to deal with HIV+ individuals. Especially for those in close proximity or related to HIV+ people.
·Help fight discrimination by others eg family, workplaces, hospitals and other health care centres.
·Get HIV+ people to join support groups.
·Ensure that HIV orphans are taken care off.

Avoid these:
·Do not discriminate, social death is the worst that can happen.
·Do not make them feel guilty. Do not humiliate - there is nothing shameful about being HIV+.
·Do not probe into areas like when or where they got infected.
·Do not isolate them, either at home or at workplace.
·Do not share razors or toothbrushes.
·Do not share any other object where stains of blood or saliva of the infected person remain.
·Do not rush into various forms of therapy. Take proper medical guidance.
·Do not insist on repeated tests for HIV. There is no cure for AIDS yet.

First Published: Dec 01, 2003 01:24 IST