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Bring home your soul mate this V-Day

After six nights and seven days comes Valentine’s Day. Are you looking for someone compatible to be with you in the days ahead.

india Updated: Feb 06, 2009, 16:46 IST
Raman Datta
Raman Datta
Hindustan Times

After six nights and seven days comes Valentine’s Day. Are you looking for someone compatible to be with you in the days ahead. Feng Shui has the potential to transform unhappy lives into happier ones by creating harmony in all relationships. These relationships include those you enjoy with your immediate family — your parents, children, and siblings — as well as close friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Before you begin, think carefully about what you want from the years ahead of you. If you would like to meet someone new, think about the relationship you need — remember, feng shui is a powerful tool, so energizing your home to attract a suitor could bring you serious romance rather than a light-hearted liaison.

Yang chi to find a husband
Single women who live alone and are looking for marriage should reinforce the masculine yang intensity of the energies in their house. One way to ensure this is to place a bright lamp in the south west corner of the living room and bed room. Paintings and decorative items in the house should also symbolize male stamina; hang photographs or painting of ideal male heroes i.e. movie stars, singers or even emperors. Paintings that suggest love and romance, with a couple pictured in them, should occasionally be displayed as they lend balance to energies.

It is suggested, a single women hoping to find soul mate for life should wear a ring on the forefinger of her right hand. The ring can be jade or amethyst or even rose quartz, but it needs to stay put on that index finger for three solid months. Legend suggests that once you meet the man of your dreams, and you are absolutely positive that you want to marry him, and then you should move that ring to the middle finger of the right hand and leave it there another three months.

Feminine energy
In order to draw feminine energies into space, it is necessary to simulate the female presence. Symbols associated with feminine efficacy are sculptures, portraits and painting of women. However, do not display antique painting of old women. Single men living alone should ensure that their home never lacks yin energies. Those waiting to settle down, who cannot find the right girl should undertake a feng shui analysis of their bachelor pads. In most cases, their living space will have an excess of yang male energy, with the female chi absent or in short supply.

Finding the right person
The east is the direction associated with romance, so you should aim to enhance your exposure to the chi energy of this direction. You can do this by placing red objects, such as red ribbon or two red roses, in this area of your home. It would also help to activate the chi energy of the south east and south west as these encourage feeling of positivity and intimacy respectively. This can be achieved by keeping a bowl of fresh water in the south east of your home (refill it with clean water each morning) and a yellow flower plant in the south west direction of your home.

To stay focused in your search for the right person, it would be helpful to identify the qualities that you are looking for in a partner.

Raman Datta is a Delhi-based feng shui and vaastu consultant.

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