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Carpet care for pet owners

Here're some tips for pet owners about how to take care of their carpets.
Hindustan Times | By HT Correspondent
UPDATED ON SEP 24, 2010 01:41 AM IST

Here're some tips for pet owners about how to take care of their carpets.

1. Dark hues: Opt for darker shades of carpets and rugs. Lighter colours are difficult to maintain and with pets around it becomes almost impossible.

2. Clean it up: Incase your pet has urinated on the carpet, clean the carpet immediately. Longer the stain stays the more stubborn it gets. Mix an equal ratio of water and liquid detergent, dip a soft clean cloth in the solution and wipe away the deposit.

3. Hygiene factor: Pet owners would always need to vacuum their carpets/rugs more often than the others as pets like dogs shed their hair, which if not removed from the carpet soon might get into the warp and weft of the carpet and
spoil the look of the carpet.

4. Nail it: Make sure your pet’s toe nails are always cut and smoothened. Long/rough or sharp toenails will constantly get stuck in the carpet/rug threads and might also get pulled out hence ruining the carpet.

5. Door mat: Another intelligent idea would be to place door mats at the entrance. This would enable the pet to maybe leave the outside dirt stuck in its feet on the door mat instead of getting it all the way in onto the carpet.

(With inputs from carpet designer Rashi Bajaj, Carpet Couture)

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