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The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.

india Updated: May 14, 2006 00:18 IST

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.— Osho

Indeed, there’s something about a mom that’s irreplaceable. Her sacrifices, her love, her guidance… in fact, no words can define what she is to her children. HT Lucknow Live spoke to some young mothers about all the different aspects of this wonderful role in life.

Everything for kids
When Swati Rastogi conceived, she quit her job. Today, ask her when she will return to her profession and she is quick to reply: My son is nearly three now and I don’t think I will go for a job for another five-six years. He has started going to school and even my parties (which used to be very frequent) have been restricted to just Fridays or Saturdays… so where’s the time for a job? I want to give him all my time actually. He’s the apple of my eye.”

The new realisation
“It’s really tough being a mother. My daughter Mehak is just a month old and when she keeps me awake the whole night then, I realise how much my parents must have done for me when I was a kid,” smiles Smriti Kalra nee Mahana who is on a post-delivery holiday these days at her parental home in Lucknow. “But, it’s a very sweet realisation. Mehak can’t speak but I keep talking to her for hours and a smile in response makes my day,” says Smriti.

The balancing act
Time management is the key to it. Being a professional, Dr Geeta Khanna is committed to giving maximum time to her patients. Yet, she cooks for Vatsal and Pallavi. And, not just that. She has grown to focus on her children despite all the constraints whether it’s their future career, studies or even partying time. She has ensured that they even get the best of holidays too, as they grow up. “In this age of working women, you don’t expect women to be 100 per cent perfect but once you know your priorities you can manage. At the end of the day, it’s very stressful but that’s when the success of your kids, their love and how your family bonds together makes up for everything you have sacrificed,” she says.

Big family matters
Swati finds it “easy going” as she lives in a joint family. “Had it been a nuclear family it would have been very tough for me. As I focus more on Yash, my in-laws and hubby take care of rest of the things.”

Meenakshi, mother of Dishi, 3, belongs to a business-class family. “I have taken up a part-time teaching job at Lucknow University. I was able to fulfill my professional ambition because my extended family takes care of my daughter and then, I have an understanding with my husband who adjusts and manages things when I am out,” she says.

At her own cost
But, moms make so many sacrifices for their kids that they often, end up neglecting themselves. Mothers are so much focused on their kids that they don’t take proper diet. They miss on iron, calcium, protein and then require medical attention as they become anaemic, warns Dr Khanna.

Brand savvy kids
“Today’s kids are really tough to handle. Since Intra-uterine life (in the womb) they are brandalised (like Abhimanyu of the Mahabharata days). They are nurtured with the best possible products available in market. And, once they grow up, they start teaching parents what is good and what is not. They know it all, by default,” asserts Dr Khanna.

Mishthi (7) demanded a Barbie house from her mother Neerul Rastogi recently. “If I don’t give it to her she will make faces and stop talking to me,” says Neerul.
Neerul adds, “I have to shell out Rs 5,000 for it. Earlier, she used to understand it but of late she has started pestering.” Lots of moms say now, “Today’s kids are tough to handle what with television around. They’re a whole lot smarter than we were as kids…” But then, moms today are smarter as well! They’ve learnt to juggle roles in the office and at home. And, no matter what the sacrifices, they do them with greater aplomb and determination for their kids than ever before. After all, it’s for the love of their little pieces of the heart.

First Published: May 14, 2006 00:18 IST