Frayne was introduced to magic by his grandfather(Photo: instagram)
Frayne was introduced to magic by his grandfather(Photo: instagram)

India has a special relationship with magic: Dynamo

The British magician talks about his initial days and how magic helps open the mind up to new possibilities
Hindustan Times, Mumbai | By Navneet Vyasan
UPDATED ON JUL 18, 2020 11:45 AM IST

Steven Frayne aka Dynamo, over the years, has had a steady rise when it comes to popularity. And he deserves this fame very much for his magic tricks have awed the whole world - from a common man to notable personalities. “My Grandpa used to perform magic for me when I was younger,” he says about his younger years. “I always remember that feeling of amazement. In some ways it’s never left me. He used to make matches disappear from a matchbox with a click of his fingers and as a young kid I was absolutely fascinated. This is the feeling I hope to bring to audiences when I perform,” he adds.


The magician looks back at his initial days with fondness. “It was difficult at times but I just tried to focus on my love for performing magic and the genuine interaction it created. Bad days are inevitable for everybody but I just try to stay focused and humble… in some ways the journey is as important as the destination and I would view anything in my way as a challenge to be overcome rather than something to cause me fear or frustration,” he says.

He adds that it is the profound sense of astonishment that he sees in people that makes the art form a gift that keeps on giving. “I’ve performed for scientists, celebrities and people on the street and ultimately the result is the same,” he says. “For me this is incredibly powerful and helps open the mind up to new possibilities. The unknown is as important as the known, for if we stop searching for answers we will never find them.”


Dynamo was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when he was a teenager, and his latest show, Dynamo: Beyond Belief, documents his journey “from a career threatening illness, to developing a whole new approach to magic”.

“I was struck down by severe reactive arthritis which stopped me from being able to perform magic. But during that period I created over one hundred new magic ideas which I believe are my best work to date. The show follows me as I travel around the world and bring this new style of magic to life with incredible results,” he says.

The artiste, who has staged his performances around the world - be it sold out arenas or busy streets, has also been to India and filmed episodes in Varanasi and Mumbai. “ It was due to the incredible response from the Indian fans. It was a truly special experience and I have a huge amount of love for the country and culture,” he says.


He adds that he is familiar with the works of the famous Indian magician PC Sorcar, and has “always felt that India has a special relationship with magic and is itself a very magical country.”

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